4 Anal Sex Toys That Will Make You Come

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Whether you’re just dabbling in anal stimulation or going straight for the a-spot orgasms, this list of trusty anal sex toys will help you achieve your sex goals and stir your curiosity, regardless of your gender.

anal sex toys

The anus contains sensitive nerve endings, which can open the door to prostate pleasure. It’s also has nerve endings that are connected to the clitoris, so our point is that no matter who you are, anal play can add a lot of fun to your repertoire. 

Before committing to your next sex toy or trying anal sex, we recommend using your fingers to find what’s pleasurable for you, because that will help determine what kind of toy or what kind of sex position you’d like to try out.

How to stimulate your anus

  1. Wash your hands and trim your nails. This is something we hope to be a habitual.
  2. You can get in the mood however you want. You can take a sensual bath or sexy massage. Or, you can watch your favorite movie sex scene. 
  3. Make sure to lubricate your finger. If there are any takeaways from this, make sure it’s this one. It’s important to use lube regularly.
  4. You can stimulate your anus by going outside, or even with other erogenous areas. You can even put a condom over your finger if you’re worried about any poop particles (which are honestly no big deal when you think about all the other bodily fluids associated with sex).
  5. If you’re finding it pleasurable, try inserting a finger. It can be moved in and out quickly, or you can explore deeper until you reach your knuckle. This should be in the vicinity of your prostate if you feel it. 

Take note of how deep you like your finger so that you can measure it later to find a toy that’s perfectly suited for your pleasure. And of course, don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

The 4 Best Anal Sex Toys

The time is finally right. These are our top picks for gender-neutral anal sex toys.



LELO’s most popular anal sex toy of all time is HUGO. The pic above might help you understand why. Do you spy with your little eye… a remote… control? That’s exactly right.

HUGO, a prostate massager for men with anus, offers hands-free pleasure. It can be inserted and controlled with the remote. 



LOKI wave is another popular toy that features a unique technology. It’s named after a wave because one of the settings allows its shaft to move towards its smaller arm in a pinching motion. This precision in prostate stimulation will deliver waves of anal pleasure.

For those who desire a more full feeling, it has a thicker shaft.



If you’re looking for something a step up from your finger, BILLY 2 is a good beginner anal sex toy. It’s mid-sized and slightly curved to hit the sweet spots for people who are serious about exploring better pleasure. 



SORAYA 2, technically, is a rabbit vibrator. This means that it can be used either clitorally, vaginally or anally. The shaft can be inserted into the anus to provide dildo or you can insert the smaller arm into it and place the shaft along your clitoris.

This toy is a great choice for anyone who wants to discover new things.

Here are some bonus features you should know about the toys:

  • They are completely waterproof, so have some fun in the rain.
  • They are 100% made of silicone that is safe for the body.
  • They can be charged via USB.
  • If you live with any snoopers, they will ship discreetly.
  • They come with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee.

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