5 Ways to Have a Full Body Orgasm

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As Colbie Caillat sang, “It starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose,” A full-body orgasm is a lot like that. But it’s in the most satisfyingly sexual manner possible. 

full body orgasm

It feels like you are experiencing a full-body orgasm. You feel like rippling waves are running through your body with muscle contractions taking control of other parts. It’s a way to forget about localised pleasure, and to move Sexual energy Through the body, and beyond.

“Your toes may curl, your abs tighten, your legs may spasm, even fingers have been known to go numb,” According to sexpert Gigi Engle. And who wouldn’t want to experience this moment of sexual euphoria?

With that, here’s how you can achieve a full body orgasm… you’re welcome.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pleasure. However, there are two main ways to experience this type of erotic pleasure.

The first is tantric approach, which goes beyond sexual. In truth, tantra is all in the depth. BreathingChannelling, patience, and channelling. The second is stimulation of multiple. erogenous zones You can also do the following: ClitorisThe G-spotThe, and nipples

Fear not, full-body orgasm is possible for anyone. Anyone can experience this bliss, and sometimes—it happens by surprise. 

Say for example, you’re using a new toy, trying a new positionThis could be referred to as examining your body more attentively. This could help you feel full body orgasm. Others may need to practice in order to feel one. 

It’s true that some are more orgasmic, or can reach orgasm easier, than others. But that doesn’t mean that a full body orgasm isn’t on the cards. You have many options to help you and your body achieve this blissful experience, some of them not even sexual. 

1. Relaxation

Many of us have been in a situation where we’re in our own heads, thinking about everything other than the sexual stimulation that’s taking place yet striving to let go. You can also think too much about sexual stimulation. Both of these scenarios make orgasming so much harder, as it’s almost like putting pressure on yourself to climax. To have an entire body orgasm, you must be relaxed. You don’t have to focus on one goal, namely a full body experience. Instead, you should take the time and enjoy your body. 

2. Tantric Breathing

Tap into your more tantric side and practice something called “the bottom breath”. When you are seated cross-legged, put your hands on the stomach, relax your stomach until it expands, and then exhale. Next, exhale through the mouth and imagine kissing the ground with your anus. Repeat these steps several times, and you’ll begin to feel more relaxed and even flushed.

Another activity you could try is to relax your jaw and open your mouth. Next, breathe in through your mouth. You will feel your throat relax. Then, exhale through your mouth and continue to do so. You could also move your hips free, letting out any sounds that come naturally, and trying to sync your movements. Do pelvic floor exercises Your breath. In this way, you’re practising “circular breathing”, which could lead to a tingling feeling throughout your body.

3. Combine sexual sensations

As we mentioned, when you enjoy different kinds of sexual stimulation simultaneously, you’re increasing the chances of enjoying a full body orgasm. A partner could be you. massage You could try soft essential oils and massage lotions. dual stimulation sex toy This targets both your clitoris as well as the G-spot while touching or using your nipples Nipple clampsOr you could try it. Edging When you are close to orgasm, then stop the stimulation before it starts again.

4. Moan!

Higher-pitched sounds can help you tap into your seven energy centres (chakras). Your sexual energy will be lower if you use lower-pitched sounds.

5. Semen Retention

For penis-owners, it is possible to move your sexual energy throughout your body by orgasming without ejaculating. You can do this by using something called the “microcosmic orbit”. This is when you inhale slowly and imagine the orgasmic energy moving from your penis to your front. (Or, you could use a prop, your hand, or your hand to draw it upward). To experience full body orgasm, inhale until you feel the energy rising to the top of the head.

This genderless, heavenly practice will elevate your orgasms. Remember, practice makes perfect. We’re all different, and we all experience things differently, so try not to feel despondent if you don’t experience a full body orgasm immediately. Take your time, find your most pleasurable, comfortable, and relaxed position, and allow the magic to happen… when it happens.

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