A SONA 2 Clinical Trial on Sexual Satisfaction

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The clinical trial was conducted by the University of Almería Center for Neuropsychological Evaluation and Rehabilitation (CERNEP) in correspondence with the bioethics committee. 

sona 2 clinical study sensonic

The device used was the SONA 2, a clitoral masseur by LELO. This uses patented SenSonic technology which stimulates more clitoris when compared to traditional vibrators.

Background Information

It has been long since misunderstood that female pleasure is understudied. Now, it occupies a central place in the field of sexology. The discovery of clitoral massagers and other sex toys has helped us gain a better understanding of sexual pleasure.

While limited research has previously been conducted on vibrators, more recent research has highlighted the need to advance research and acknowledgement in medical literature. 

Study Framework and Trial Objectives

The Sexology Studies Unit of the CERNEP Research Center of the University of Almería presented the results of the first study aimed at discovering the effects of SONA 2 Cruise on the female sexual response. It was found that women exposed to SONA 2 cruise experienced a significant increase in their sexual response. 

This is the first scientific study on clitoral masseuses and subjective sexual responses in 100 women. It also includes anatomical and vascular ultrasounds in 89 people. 

Two methods were used to collect the data: sonography of clitoris and subjective data collected through validated questionnaires. 

The Results

  • More than 70% of participants reported simultaneous vaginal and clitoral penetration as their preferred method for orgasm.
  • Participants used the clitoral massaging device with their partner 40 percent of the time. This may be due to sexual satisfaction and orgasm frequency.
  • Half of participants rated SONA 2 their favorite sex toy at end of study. Sixty-five per cent of participants rated their experience with SONA2 as better than they expected. 
  • Over 49% more orgasms were performed with a partner.
  • The toy’s ability to stimulate sexual desire increased when it was used with a partner or solo. Participants who used the device with a minimum of 3 times per week reported a significant increase on genital sensations and lubrication.
  • Participants who experienced menopause (15-year-old women) reported an improvement of subjective excitation, lubrication as well as the total value the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). 

Keep in mind that the results of any study could be affected by sample size, frequency, and standardization methods. 

Participant Testimonials

“The first time I used it, I felt a level of arousal and orgasm that I’d never had in my life. Throughout the times I was using it, I have not had these intense feelings again.” – Participant 5

“Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I masturbated using other methods, and I had an orgasm after 2 minutes, something that took me longer before I started using the massager. I’m going to look into whether it’s because of the massager or the degree of arousal. I’d also like to point out that both times were much more intense than before and that since I started masturbating with Lelo, I notice that I’m much wetter, and I’m horny almost every day.” – Participant 96

“It’s a different sensation, and with the combined massaging and vibrating, it’s as if the body reacts on its own.” – Participant 29


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