Alter Soldier – A Gay Erotica Story

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Like every other lab, the lights come from everywhere but nowhere in the laboratory. However, this time he’s strapped face-down to the cold metal table, his legs spread; it doesn’t matter what he can or cannot see. He’s naked. His heart is beating. The pain is coming. There is no stopping the pain.

alter soldier gay erotic story

“You’ll forget all of this,” he’s being told again. “So what is the sense in killing the pain?”

This is a good reason to get past this moment..

He thinks, but he doesn’t speak. They’ve temporarily paralyzed his tongue, his jaw, his throat. Screaming will also be impossible.

The table’s bottom halves drop down instantly. There is a loud bang. The table edge raises and lifts his backside, spreading him apart.

He unceremoniously sticks the pointed tip from a large, metal syringe into his anus. He grunts.

The slimy-goo squirts the slime up into his rectum until he feels uncomfortably full. With slime. With goo. The syringe is quickly pulled out and he can hear the suction of it – the demeaning sucking sound of the tip of the syringe, exiting his anus as a trail of slimy-goo escapes, oozing down to his balls.

He resists his restraints even though he knows they are futile.

He is not human. It will be hot. It will be massive.

There is more than likely a long line of these inhuman cocks behind the first one, because his asshole is once again their evening’s recreation. However, being strapped face down means he can’t see any of them, or how many they have at the time. He cannot even see the floor beneath the table.

Slimy-goo is supposed to make his sphincter unable to close. In some strange way, this is supposed to be a benevolent gesture to him – a partial easing of his ‘discomfort’ so that his sphincter will not have to be forced open again and again and again. But really all the goo does is make the recreation more pleasing to them – to the alien cocks that will plough deep up his ass, set him afire and split him open.

He knows he’s been through this pain and humiliation before. The fragments will always be there. His mind remembers that what is about to happen is only vaguely ‘unpleasant’, but his body, his cells, seem to have a memory that can never be wiped clean; so, on reflex, he struggles at the restraints and anxiety fills him.

His cheeks are pushed further apart by a pair of leathery hands. He feels the tip, which appears to be a poker, entering his asshole. But the tip expands rapidly to the full width and size of a monstrous burning cock. It pummels easily into the slop of slimy-goo they’ve lubed him with, forcing his asshole to open around the unbearable intrusion. And then the cock bulges and thickens, opening him wider – and then wider still, until the whole length of his rectum is full to bursting with the enormous fiery log, pummeling up him, breaking him in.

He can only let it break him open through his bowels. 

It is unbearable. His tongue spasms and his mouth, throat, and throat contort, but he can’t scream. It’s too much pain at the moment. His eyes roll up in his head, and then he feels a sudden release from all his strength. His consciousness barrels toward the ceiling and, before passing through it and leaving his alter personality – his clone – behind for good, he takes in the travesty below him.

The beast knows that he has left his body. It’s as if the beast can actually see his consciousness, hovering up there at the top of the room, because the beast looks right up at him with a lascivious grin, its split tongue slithering in and out of its mouth, as it pounds away at the pitiful asshole, the enormous fiery log of its cock shoving mercilessly in and out of the alter, who is still strapped down to the table but limp now, lifeless.

The scene of gory sodomy and the lab disappear from view. His consciousness suddenly snaps with incredible speed up through the ceiling, back into his primary personality. 

*     *     *

Calvin awakens instantly and is now in his primary consciousness. He is still asleep in his tube. Calvin has no memory of how long his alter was absent, but he does feel the visible psychic expansion of getting it back.

An amber glow fills the room – it is still nighttime. He’s been sleeping in his uniform, and now he has a strong erection in the form-fitting pants. It should be released. 

With a Whoosh The transparent glass tube opens. Calvin leaves his quarters and gets out of his sleeping unit. He walks towards the cubicle area in the brightly lit hall. Calvin enters the cubicle room after an eye scanner opens it. He discovers a vacant cubicle at one end of the row, while other sleepless, horny soldiers are in many of the cubicles.

The opaque shield is securely closed once Calvin has entered the cubicle. Calvin quickly pulls down his tight uniform trousers to his thighs as Calvin enters the cubicle. His erection is free and he guides the warm suction tube into the wall with his aching cock. His dick immediately pulls in the suction force and seals around his pelvis with the help of the brown hairs.

Calvin is holding on to the handle at the tube’s top as the sucking sensation kicks in. It is so relaxing. The warm tube’s length is a rolling, squeezing and tugging tunnel made of tight, slippery rubber. There is an indented shelf at the tube’s inner entrance that gently cradles the baby’s balls, massages them and tugs them. 

Calvin’s grunts and groans soon join the chorus of the other moaning soldiers sealed into other cubicles in the pristine row of quantum glory-holes. He closes the eyes and becomes lost in the lurid images in his brain. This makes it easy to forget all about the men around him.

He imagines his cock is pleasuring the slippery tunnel up some other soldier’s ass, instead of just a suction tube. He finds it difficult to believe that he is actually doing this.

A lab, perhaps of some kind, aboard an alien ship. That weird lighting they’re said to have that seems to come from everywhere and yet nowhere. There’s a white tiled floor. 

He’s seen this lab before – maybe even been on this ship – but he can’t remember when it would have been. Throughout his space detail, he’s been assigned to the same Allied Forces ship – the one he’s on right now.

It’s too relaxing to spend time trying to understand his confused thoughts. He just wants to let the suction tube pull his thickening hair deep into any filthy pictures that are playing in his head.

Calvin looks at the metal table in his lab. The table is occupied by a naked male human being, who is strapped onto it. He is spread-eagled and facing down. The bottom half of the table has been lowered, but a rim juts up just enough to raise the guy’s ass invitingly, spreading the guy’s legs apart in the process. It’s too tempting. It is empty otherwise. It seems empty at least.

The man strapped to a table is surprisingly silent but still very active. Calvin approaches Calvin’s backend and examines his naked sex.

The hole is pouting open, as if it’s become accustomed to being well fucked, and that enticing rectal opening is dripping with an alien goo. Calvin has never seen a substance like it and is not entirely sure he should stick is dick into it, but the way the hole sort of winks at him, even quivers a bit – it is too much to resist. Calvin slips his erection in the asshole. It’s a nice fit. The slick hole stretches easily and readily accommodates Calvin’s thick tool, sucking his cock all the way in, squeezing it like a snug slippery glove and tugging his cock-skin up and down, up and down as Calvin starts to fuck it.

In the cubicle, Calvin holds tight to the handles on the wall because the suction of the quantum tube has increased in intensity, sensitive as it is to the heightened energy emanating from Calvin’s cock. He does not want to lose the sensation, but he keeps his eyes shut and holds on.

His thoughts swoop back into the lab; the strange goo up the guy’s ass now feels alive with its own lapping, tugging, massaging motion. Calvin quickly discovers that the goo is filled with conscious alien particles. Photons, electrons, and photons all seem to have a unique lust. The goo is perhaps even more alive than the human heat inside the guy’s ass. The goo has a distinct motion and an increasing heat.

Before long, though, the heat lapping at his cock has intensified – it’s starting to feel almost too hot. And the man he’s fucking, strapped down as he is, grunts in a rousing and captive way, which only makes Calvin feel hotter. 

He is feeling the full force of his own lust now – it’s either that, or the fiery alien goo is stoking his dick to new heights. It could be. It’s so strange. Either way, in a fit of arousal, Calvin scoots up onto the table and really hammers at the helpless man’s hole, supporting himself with his arms at either side of the man’s head. The man’s backside is unfamiliar to Calvin, but there’s a scent to the man now that he’s up close to him, and something about the man’s head; it seems eerily familiar – as if maybe he’s fucked this guy before. Calvin doesn’t have to think too hard about it, but the guy manages a way to turn his stomach up and let Calvin go deep. The guy’s liking it! It’s a beautiful invitation. It makes Calvin straddle the man, planting his knees at either side of the guy’s hips so that he can really get some momentum; really go at that hole good.

And just when he thinks that maybe he’s going to come, Calvin becomes acutely aware of a Lingual on his balls. A tongue

It feels split – reptilian. It darts around his legs, but then quickly glides up to his genitals and gets in. It’s a pretty strong tongue; he’s never felt a tongue like it. It pokes up his rectum and swirls around inside, licking, wiggling, and swirling.

Calvin feels delirious. Calvin sinks his teeth into the neck and holds it down tightly to the table. He continues pumping hard into the guy’s asshole but now the slithering tongue is working deeper up his own ass; then working itself in and out, like some slippery, slithering dick – and he realizes the man underneath him, as Calvin’s teeth sink deeper into the guy’s neck, is groaning fiercely; as if more from pain now than pleasure.

But Calvin’s own pleasure is too intense, it electrifies him. He can’t help but bite the man’s neck harder, fuck his ass deeper, as the slithering tongue up his own ass seems to thicken, licking and swirling, really exploring the depths of his hole. He’s never known anything to feel this good.

And now it’s as if the alien goo up the guy’s ass is really coming alive; it’s got a grip on Calvin’s cock, tugging it, pulling it, completely encircling his throbbing cockhead and sucking it deeper in – while Calvin pounds away in a frenzy, feeling as if he could breech the man’s very bowels before he will feel satisfied.

Then, just as Calvin feels he’s going to come for sure, as if his balls will literally explode now, the reptilian-like tongue abruptly pulls out of Calvin’s ass and a monstrous cock, a cock on fire, plunges up his asshole, ploughing in to the hilt. Calvin’s jaw finally loosens its grip on the guy’s neck, as he lets out a bellowing oh god!

He’s never had a cock up his ass that was so hot and so huge. It begins fucking him mercilessly, just as the goo up the guy’s ass forms a tighter grip around the head of Calvin’s cock, feeling now like a slick sucking mouth – as if a part of the guy’s insides has formed into an actual mouth and is sucking vigorously on his cock. His balls finally explode.

Calvin’s eyes spring open as he ejaculates into the quantum suction tube, but his asshole feels pummeled and raw, like he’s just gotten fucked. Real.

He takes his dick out from the tube, and looks down at the ground. He sees a pool full of cum right by his feet. He didn’t. He was pulled into the suction tub.

How the hell did that happen? How did it get that way? He’s still alone in the cubicle.

Calvin is a bit confused when he quickly pulls on his pants and sees that cum had also managed to get in. He found it in his trousers. And it’s burning hot… 

The opaque shield to Calvin’s cubicle slides open and he hurries out. The rows of cubicles look the same. But, wait. Perhaps it’s just a bit different. The room is empty. All the other soldiers have gone.

The door that leads out to the hall of the ship slides open now and there they all are, waiting for him – their monster cocks hanging free; their long reptilian tongues darting in and out of their gruesome mouths. And it’s the white tiled floor again. They close in on Calvin, shredding his uniform, until he’s naked and feeling torn asunder by too many leathery hands clutching at him, groping and probing him. He is unable to shout when he sees the metal table and they drag him into the strangely lit room.

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