An Athlete’s Confession – A Gay Erotica Finalist Story

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As an athlete, I was taught early the importance to keep your body in shape and well-maintained. To keep my body healthy, the sports chiropractor and me were on a regular basis. I kept looking for regular massage therapists that could support my flexibility as well as my fitness needs over the years. Camille, a therapist I had treasured over the years, left me sad to lose. She helped me with my knee pain. She shared with me the story of Adam, a massage therapist that another triathlete had used, and her great results.

an athlete's confession gay erotica

Adam was in his late 30’s 6’2 skin as dark as night and shaved headed. Physically fit with hands that discovered areas of my body that were hurting. Me? In my late 40’s, a college athlete who turned to cycling and then ironman triathlons in my early 40’s. 5’10 and 210 pounds of thick muscles that yearn for stretching and flexibility.

Adam was a wonderful person to meet for the first time. He spent nearly two hours guiding me, prodding and discovering how my body responded to his touch. His approach to draping seemed relaxed. I was definitely open to his suggestions.  I felt blood flow to my cock during the massage and swelling started as a result of his touching my body. However, I made no comment but did take note of what had happened.

My wife and I were having dinner on Saturday night, so she asked me how the session went and if the new therapist was a good fit. I told my wife all about him and that I would be seeing him again. Because I wasn’t sure about my feelings, I skipped the part about his swelling by touching my body. Christina must have sensed more than I knew.

She was the one who took me to bed that evening. Although her appetite for cock sucking is a natural one, tonight she was slurping me as her fingers slipped into my genitals. While it’s no surprise that we both love anal play, this evening was even more intense as she continued to assault my cock and me with her lubricated fingers.

As she encouraged me, she dropped my stiff cock from her lips. “Come on, open your ass for Adam, I know you want that.” Another finger to the mix. “That’s right, open up for us.”

My orgasm was fast approaching, and she swallowed my cock deep into her mouth and took my cock’s explosion entirely. Christina continued to sucking me until I was completely soft in her lips. Christina moved her body from side to side so she could be close to me. My cum covered her lips as she started to kiss me. I could taste my tongue on hers. Both sweet and salty. As she continued to kiss me, her freshly waxed pussy was against my chest. It was harder and harder until I felt her soft whimpering kisses, which signaled her orgasm. Sleep came quickly.

In the morning light, there was no replay or comments about the previous night’s lovemaking.

Adam and his massage became a weekly meeting, with the same results every week. Incredible massage work, and my ever-present swelling cock. Christina was available to answer questions about Adam and my massages.

Christina started physical encounters with me after my massages. These were more fun than romantic lovemaking. My car was finally in the shop, and I had an appointment at 5:00pm. Christina offered to take me to Christina’s for a ride on Uber so we could meet up at dinner. Christina and I have shared many meals together in the past.

Christina looked as hot as possible as Adam walked her to the front. The attire was just as comfortable for Adam as it was me. They were introduced to me and we went to the car. It started once we were in the car. “Oh my, you never told me what a physical specimen your Adam is.”

Conversation that night was full of sexual innuendos and suggestions. Christina then told her friends about me as a therapist and how he reacted to me.

Christina was able to quickly take off her clothes that night and ran off to the toilet. When she returned, she was wearing her strap-on cock that she used with her girlfriends when they would have a “ladies night out.”

Although her faux-cock outfit was occasionally worn on me, I would usually have to ask and get her into the spirit. Tonight, she was the aggressor and kept talking about how I should think about feeling Adam’s cock inside me.

The couple spends hours together in every possible sexual position.

It was not the first time she had seen Adam. He was always the subject of conversation during morning coffee. I kept my mouth shut about the truth, despite her curiosity about my feelings about other men. I was thinking about Adam and how he would fuck my sex, but I knew Adam was well-equipped.

Over the next weeks and months, he and I became close and he eventually left the job he was doing and moved into his apartment. I knew from our massage sessions that he was touching me all the time and that I was not. I could tell by his body language that he was saying it was okay.

I was ready to know that it might get more. All day I was picturing Adam. Adam started to work on me not wearing shorts because it did not conceal his athletic body or his 9+ inch thick cock.

My face was down and the massage started as I expected. Adam was wearing his soft shorts and I could see his cock while he massaged my back and shoulders. When he started the massage on my legs, I realized that this was my first time having a man’s cock.

The oil dripped onto my legs and the draping fell to the ground. As I lay naked on the table, his hands felt deep in my hamstrings as well as into my glutes.

My cock began swelling, which he immediately noticed.

Although the thick oily touch of his hand on my cock may have caused him to slow down, my cock responded with a swell. After a few more strokes, he resumed his work on my body. He massaged my hips and glutes with his fingers, and then he began to oil my legs. I now know how to prepare myself for his thick cock.

Only one finger is all it took to accommodate him. He continued to press down on my lower back, and then a second time. I believe he also tried a third time. As his fingers massaged my prostate, he was pressing down on my lower back. He was encouraging me to relax and open my eyes.

As I turned, the room was bright. I could see the swelling in his cock. He knew everything from the connection in our eyes.

As usual, he wrapped his hands around my eyes and continued to massage me. His cock was against my hand as he worked on my chest and arms.

I pulled his shorts down and started to stroke his cock. His cock was close to my head, and he began working on my abs. I took him into mine and turned. I tasted the slime and felt him put my cock into my mouth.

The massage was over, but the real connection was just beginning.

After mutual sucking, I was seated by him and we started to kiss. We kissed deeply as our cocks bounced between each other. I felt his cock against me as he pulled my body to the edge. He placed my legs on his shoulders and I was able to lay back. He covered his cock with a condom, and lubed it for me. Although I enjoy playing with thick toys, the sensation of his cock was extraordinary. It was intense. After slowly stroking me, he began to slow thrust at me and deeply kissed my cheeks.

He slowly drew back and held my hand as he led me to the bedroom. He moved the covers and placed me on his knees. I felt him behind me, pressing the head of his thickness into my ass. He then fucked me. His assault on me was driven by the heat from bodies pressing against each others.

My cock swelled like never before due to the intense strokes of his cock. I felt the swelling in his cock, and then felt the surge of cum pumping through my ass.

We fell to our knees on the bed together, Adam still in my heart, and we kissed before falling asleep.

I fell asleep and felt his cock move in my stomach. He got up and went into the bathroom to get rid of the condom. He crawled back into his bed, began to sucking my arm and fingering my stomach. My mouth was happy to take in his swollen cock. From the first time he sucked me, I was able to taste the cum. As he began to suck me, I felt the beginnings orgasm.  He let out the first cuminous spits into his mouth and began to let go of my tongue.

I felt a salty, sticky sensation in my mouth. I was overwhelmed by the cum in my mouth, and I swallowed as much as I could. Adam turned me around and I dripped cum from the corners of my mouth. We shared the flavors of each with our open lips as we kissed.

He was still semi-hard as we cuddled on the bed. He sat on my stomach and began to fuck me, slowly but surely. Since our first encounter, I was tender inside. He was a gentle lover. At first it was slow strokes, but then he would rush to get his orgasm close. As he buried his cock into my stomach, our passion was intense and the orgasm began. My cock escaped the pressure within me.

Adam asked me if I was going to be seeing him again as I got dressed up for departure. I said yes, but that he would need to visit my house later in the week.

Christina was the first to respond. It boasts cozy booths, and red-checkered tabletops. Over the next hour and a bottle of wine, I told her the afternoon’s happenings. I also mentioned to her that Adam was coming to our home on Thursday night.

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