Balancing Your Sex Life with Pet Ownership

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Once you get a pet, you will inevitably deal with an issue that might have never crossed your mind before – should I let my pet watch me have sex?

is it ok for your dog to watch you have sex

Pets like cats are very easy to handle. They are an animal that can be left alone and will allow you to do whatever you want as long as they have their basic needs met. Dogs are a different story. You can’t predict what kind of crazy, funny, or hilarious reaction you might get. While most dogs will be humorous, some can be irritating or even worse. Some people will try to stop the dog from running wild by locking it in another room, or even the bathroom. I urge you to reconsider that strategy – the dog might feel it is getting punished, and you having sex should not be a punishable canine offence.

Sex is normal

Being in love is natural. Animals are great at handling natural situations. It is very likely that you are the one who makes things weird. It is better for everyone if the whole situation can be normalized sooner than later. Remember that dogs are not humans, so don’t be afraid to let your dog see you. You can make your dog realize that this is not a human activity.

Enjoy all the silly things

You might find yourself in some hilarious situations along the way. For instance, smelling butts is an important element of communication in dogs’ world, so it comes as no surprise that if you get in the doggy style position, your animal will feel invited to smell the exposed parts. It is as if you are trying to say a phrase in a language you can’t speak.

Also, it will take some time for them to understand that oral sex is not a dog-friendly activity, but before that happens, do not be surprised if you are interrupted while performing oral sex by a snout-bump and an impatient expression clearly saying: “Hey, what’s up with that, would you mind if I had a taste?”

Those moments should be treated exactly as they are – incredibly funny. I have always found laughter to be an excellent companion of good sex and have never had any issues with carrying on after taking a pause for having a proper laugh at the dog’s hilarious goofiness. Humor is essential for all types of sex. A healthy relationship Moreover, I realize that my dog is the only person in all of my life who makes me laugh each day we spend together.

Is it okay to let your dog sleep on your bed?

There is no simple answer. If you do, you will undoubtedly need to change sheets more often, clean your dog more thoroughly, and adjust some practices, but science is certain that you don’t You could be at risk of contracting a disease if you do so.

You will experience a lot of goofiness, which may cause some disruption to your sleeping habits and sexual behavior, but you will also enjoy the comfort of cuddling with an emotionally expressive and warm animal. This has been an important part of my emotionally difficult pandemic. 

You’re not the only one with needs

However, some things tend to change once you get a dog, and being spontaneous will sometimes have to be balanced with your dog’s needs. A dog needs to be taken out at least three times a day and it is really smart to include that fact into planning your time, or you might learn it the hard way – by getting interrupted half-way through your intercourse by a dog desperate to have his walk.

Modifying behavior

You might be interrupted by annoying behavior depending on your dog breed. Those are things you will have to work through – luckily, dogs respond well to proper techniques like redirecting their attention until they eventually lose interest in a certain behavior, but also reinforcing those that are desirable. Learn how to work with your dog so that you create an environment that is comfortable for both of you.

No, the pack leader theory doesn’t work. It has been tried. Scientifically proven debunkedCesar Millan, in fact, is a Dog trainers are controversial.

Deeper problems

Some behaviors could be an indicator of deeper insecurity. This may require some serious work beyond what this article covers. Among the things that should be addressed is resource guarding people from other people – in such a case your dog might try to come between you and your partner when you kiss and hug, trying to separate you by barking, growling or even biting. It is important to seek out an expert who can help you work with your dog if this happens. Positive training).

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