Boat Sex Positions to Create Your Own Motion in the Ocean

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The Royal Caribbean cruise line conducted an interview ten years ago. intimate survey! This revealed that 90% cruise-goers consider having sex to their top cruise activity. 

boat sex

The study also revealed that 62% of participants had never heard of it. Be better sex at sea, and 50% said that they’d be ‘hopping to the deed’ within the first six hours of embarkment. 58% of those surveyed said they’re likely to pack Teasing lingerie for their trip, and 48% said they’re likely to pack body lotion for their trip!

These are some seriously sexy statistics. Needless to say, there’s a trend here… people are quite turned on by the idea of getting down at sea! Who would’ve thought? So, we decided to enlighten you on a few cheeky boat sex positions and some tips to get you started… just in case you were keen to hop-to on your next nautical adventure! 

Three Boat Sex Positions to Create Your Own Motion in The Ocean

Walk the Plank

‘Walk the Plank’ is all about oral sexIt could be the best blowjob experience yet. You can have him relax and inconspicuously sit on one of the boats seats. His partner can then kneel in front of him, keeping it discrete for passersby. In this way, it’s not just about getting it on in nature, but also the idea of possibly being seen. He may have to try to keep his mouth shut with only limited moans.

Captain’s Seat

You and your partner can go out on your own, but you don’t have to be with them. Why not take advantage of the opportunity? driver’s seat? The penetrating partner should stand beside the captain to enjoy some standing razzle dazzle. The captain can hold onto the steering wheel and roam the oceans, feeling all sorts of sensual sensations.

Sailing Straddle

If you’re a fan of Positions that cross the lineTry the Sailing Straddle! Have one partner sit on a seat, against the boat’s edge, legs bent and perhaps leaning back to relax their arms over the side. Next, place one partner on a seat against the boat’s edge. With their legs extended, they can then sit down and straddle each other. 

This could be done in one of two ways: the easy or the difficult. It would be easier if the perforated partner sat directly on top of their partner with their knees bent, and straddled them. The more difficult position would be for the one being penetrated to maneuver their body so that their legs are resting on their partner’s shoulders, tilting their pelvis back and forth. The latter will cause a bit of boat rocking, but not so much so that it’ll tip over. You should be careful.

3 Tips to Enjoy a Successful Boat Sex

The Best Boat Sex Wear

Although there are no set rules regarding what you should wear to boat sex, some outfits may be easier than others. For example, wearing a full-on outfit that requires you to strip down will take longer, but if you go with outfits such as pants or shorts with a zipper, or a skirt, it’ll be easier to simply take out/reveal the tools you need to make sexy waves. It’s a smart idea to wear easy-to-remove swimsuits. There are no clothes Instead, choose materials that can be wrapped around your body. Things like beach towels or sarongs are a fun idea because they’re easy to remove and can be put back on quickly and effortlessly. You can maneuver them so that your entire body is covered while you tryst.

Keep an eye out for splinters

Possibly the unsexiest thing about boat sex… splinters. If the boat you’re rocking has a bit of wear and tear, it’s likely that there will be a few splinters. To ensure that the boat is in the best possible place, it’s a good idea to inspect it before moving it. For extra safety and comfort, you can bring towels or a blanket. 

The Motion in the Ocean

You could add a little bit of excitement to your boating adventures by finding a spot that allows gentle waves to crash on you while you are in action. It could be quite edifying to feel the boat rocking slightly more due to your intertwined bodies. With Enjoy waves of pleasure and literal waves from the ocean, you’ll be able to feel a new and exciting kind of sexual excitement and thrill.

Of course, you could adapt or try other positions during your boat sex journey, but this would depend on the size of the boat and whether you’re alone or not. If you do plan on getting hot and heavy at sea though, always be aware of the country’s laws concerning public play as well as the kinds of people who may spot you. This could lead to serious consequences for several people. So do your research and stay safe.

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