Building Your Sexual Stamina with F1S V2 Pleasure Console

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LELO’s F1S V2 You can now spend more time enjoying yourself. It’s a good thing! Did you know that masturbation can help increase your ability for longer sex sessions. Yes, that’s right.

You can make others happy by making yourself feel better. This article covers the basics and benefits of stamina training with the F1S V2.

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What is stamina? 

Stamina training is a practice in masturbation that will help you increase your sexual stamina by edging, denial, and controlled pleasure. Your sexual stamina will gradually increase by training your body to take longer to reach climax. Whilst it may be a little difficult at first, it’s very easy to learn and the results can be felt pretty fast.  

How do I train my stamina to be more fit? 

Usually, people get introduced to stamina training when they are suffering from PE – premature ejaculation. This refers to ejaculation lasting less than 5 minutes or causing anxiety because of the lack of time before climax. PE is a very common condition that affects about one in three men.

Both occasional and long-term PE can be used for many reasons.  According to the National Health ServiceSome causes of PE can be linked to previous sexual experiences. This could include masturbating during adolescence, growing up with shame or stigma around sexual experiences, and so on.   

It can be beneficial for anyone, as it allows you to discover more about yourself. Even if you aren’t worried about your sexual stamina or would just like to enjoy the benefits of stamina training regardless, give it a go.  


If you’ve ever suffered from premature ejaculation, you may already be aware of the edging technique. Edging refers to when someone brings themselves to the point where they feel like they are climaxing, but then stops and allows their body to stop feeling that way. The masturbation can stop once the feeling subsides and can be resumed. 

Our nervous system controls our ejaculation. Repeating the process sends your body a signal. This signal becomes useful when you are actually having sex in the future; as it tells you not to orgasm too quickly, as you are now becoming used to the ‘almost climaxing’ feeling. 

It’s up to you how long you want to edge before allowing yourself to reach orgasm. You can make it last as long as you want and it’s a great technique for prolonged masturbation sessions. According to International Society for Sexual Medicine It can even intensify the climax or gasm for those who use it.  

Combining edging with a male sex toy can create more diverse sensations. The sleeve F1S V2 This will give you more sensations and add an extra dimension to your masturbation orgasm session.  

Orgasm Denial 

Orgasm denial is the act of denying yourself an orgasm while you are edging. This can lead to more intense, longer-lasting orgasms. The build-up in your body essentially allows the hormones and euphoria to ‘build’ up – meaning your body experiences the orgasm on a more intense level. 

Orgasm denial with a male sex toy like the F1S V2 You can have long, uninterrupted periods of sexual pleasure that simulate oral and vaginal sex.  

Squeeze Technique  

According to the Kinsey Institute, the Squeeze Technique has been documented in American Sexology and Sociology research since the 1970’s. You can use either the or the F1S V2 Once you feel closer to climax then gently press your fingertips on the head of your penis. You can then finally have an orgasmic moment by repeating this process 3-4 more times.   

This technique can be used in direct sex with a male sextoy or sleeve. You can use the pleasure patterns from the F1S V2Position the toy so that vibrations and sensations focus onto the penis’s head 

Nipple play 

 You might have one hand more free to use the F1S V2 Try incorporating a little bit of nipple play into your masturbation. This will help to increase stamina and prolong it.  

Stamina Training Guide for  F1S V2 

1.)    You will first want to turn the device on and play around with the vibration patterns. Is there one you love? Is there one that can make you orgasm fast? Keep this in mind! This information will be useful later. 

2.)    Begin slowly. Start slowly. 

3.)    You can tune into your body’s reactions as you build momentum. Are you more likely to tense in one area when the pleasure is greater? Do you feel more tired? Listening to your body’s signals will help you learn more about your body and increase your stamina. 

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