Eight Second Ride – A Gay Erotica Story

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He could hardly be seen. With the amount of people staring at him, he’d expected to look down and see a frilly pink dress stretched obscenely over his torso and hips with a pair of stiletto heels on his feet, but he was only wearing his usual pressed black slacks and white button down. He should have worn the red flannel that he had hidden in his closet. At least he’d match ninety percent of the people here if that were the case. His work clothes were a dead giveaway that he didn’t belong here. 

all or nothing day

Robert looked at the incredulous stares and found a black cowboy hat with an intact peacock feather sticking out the purple hatband. The ridiculous head gear wasn’t anywhere to be found though, so he huffed out an irritated breath and leaned back against the trailer behind him. If his other half didn’t show up anytime soon, as in the next ten seconds, he was going to leave. The dust that covered every inch of the place was not only covering his clothes but also causing irritation to his skin and nostrils. The smell! Ugh! You can smell the manure in beer and fried food. How appetizing… He looked at me with a grimace. 

There was a sudden, sharp whistle from behind him and then a gravelly, southern drawl hollered, “Well lookie here! Didn’t think my man was gonna make it!” The voice sent a shiver down his spine that pooled in a tight, hot coil low in his abdomen. 

Robert slowly turned his head to see the man in plaid walking towards him, pulling a black horse behind him. He was grinning from ear to ear, a bit of five o’clock shadow that bordered on a full blown beard nearly hiding the expression, and he could see little tufts of dark, sweat matted hair peeking out from beneath the cowboy hat. It was there. The peacock feather was funny and matched his sparkling green eyes. He was wearing his matching belt! It was the same purple color as his hatband. It really didn’t go with the silver and gold of his trophy belt buckle… 

“Of course I came,” Robert stated. “I’d never miss such a big tournament. Especially one where my cowboy Casanova wins.” The corners of his lips tilted up. “Although, I wish they’d tone your trophy’s down just a bit,” he muttered as he glanced down at the oversized belt buckle. Grayson chuckled and reached out to grab his belt loop, grabbing him closer. Robert let out a deep sigh and slammed his chest against his chest. The stench of sweat, leather, and dust flooded his senses. 

“Always so serious, darlin’.” Grayson pressed the tip of his nose against his temple and slowly drug it down his cheek to his neck, inhaling as he went. 

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that, Gray,” he grumbled half heartedly. He’d never admit that the pet name made his heart stutter and his blood warm. He knew it from the look he was getting from his cowboy. 

There was a breathy snicker from over Gray’s shoulder, and they both looked to find accusing black eyes staring down at them. “Sorry, are we neglectin’ you?!” Gray cooed as he pressed a sloppy kiss to his horse’s white nose. “Let’s get ya to the trailer.” He directed the horse with his He leaned against Robert’s shoulder and began to climb the ramp. “Come on!” he instructed, smacking Robert’s ass before dancing forward so he couldn’t retaliate with a hit of his own. 

Robert sighed under his breath and followed his half-brother. Gray was walking ahead of Robert, and Robert watched in awe as his mouth filled with saliva as Gray went by.

The heat increased tenfold in his stomach, and his steps became sluggish as the heat reached his cock. Gray looked over his shoulder, giving him that know-it all, cocky look that drove him to the wall. Robert reacted with a similar look. He wasn’t the only one sporting a hard on if Gray’s gait as he went up the ramp was anything to go by. Robert stopped at the edge of the ramp to watch the muscles ripple and bulge under Gray’s shirt as he tied the horse’s lead to a rail, and began to remove the saddle. He bent forward to drop the saddle in the crate behind the horse and grab the bag of feed, and Robert couldn’t help but trace the curve of his ass with hungry eyes. Gray smiled at him and moved around him. 

He sighed as the sound was quite unhappy. The ramp closed abruptly with a dull click, and the trailer was instantly covered in darkness. Only one window was open at the trailer’s head, so he couldn’t see anything but the horse’s white nose. The rest of the creature blended seamlessly into the darkness. 

“Didn’t think I’d let ya take the reins after a win, did ya darlin’?” Gray huskily whispered in his ear. 

Robert leapt out of his seat, startled. He tried to pull away, but a hand was placed on his hip. “You’re not serious, are you? In here?” His voice came out a little too high for his liking, so he cleared his throat. He’d at least expected his cowboy to have the decency to fuck in the truck. They were parked in an area that was not visible to anyone. 

His system was shocked by a dark chuckle that sent goosebumps up his arms and legs. “Are ya really gonna say no?” The hand on his hips shifted forward and palmed the bulge in his slacks. He sucked in a sharp breath, his cock twitching and pressing against his pants to try and get closer to the heat of Gray’s skin. “That’s what I thought.” Robert was suddenly swung around, and his front was pressed into the cold metal of the ramp. Fingers dug into the sides of his shirt, and he hissed out a harsh ‘Grayson’ when his shirt was ripped open and tugged down so his arms were trapped against his sides. He pulled his hips backwards, and he had no choice but to catch himself with his tips of his fingers on the left side of the face. 

“Damn it, Grayson!” he snapped, trying to glower over his shoulder. 

“Oh hush up,” he growled, nipping at his earlobe. “Ya love it.” Robert wanted to grumble out a denial, but he felt it useless to lie. He loved it. 

The grabby fingers moved back to his pants, so they could pull off his belt and unzip the zipper. His boxers and pants were pulled down to his hips and thighs, and then left to pool around the ankles. Gray dropped to his knees. His cheeks and ass cheeks were splayed, and his tongue was heated by a warm, moist tongue. “Fuck!” he cried, jerking at the contact. 

Gray groaned, smacking his cheeks as he continued to tongue-fuck him. His cock throbbed with each stab of his tongue, and he couldn’t help pressing his hips back each time it drew back. Gray moved away from Gray when his legs started to tremble, and he was almost ready to beg. Robert heard the jingle from the enormous belt buckle being taken, followed by the sound of a zipper being pulled down. The horse was still munching on his feed and exhaling.

He waited patiently for the touch of his lover to return with bated breath, and when it did, he was rewarded with the blunt head of Gray’s cock against him. “Yes…” he hissed. As Gray’s hips were pressed in by the cock, a rough and calloused hand gripped his hip with a firm grip. His eyes began to roll up at the slight heat. Gray’s hips rocked in unison, and Gray was firm in his grip. His balls were pressing against Gray in the most delightful of ways. Robert seemed to lose track of time in the haze of pleasure that came with the incessant pounding of his lover’s hips. He felt the heat build up in his stomach and that euphoric feeling of numbness at the base his cock. It became more tight and tighter until it was painful. Then, suddenly, it snapped and the tingling numbness spread throughout his body like electricity. 

“Gray!” he moaned, his body jerking with the force of his release. 

A moan came from behind him and then his blunt teeth fell into his exposed shoulder. Warm, sweat-slicked hips were pressed into his cheeks. Both of them remained still for a while, their breathing was heavy and their cocks twitched as they fell from their high. 

“Beautiful,” Gray rumbled as he soothed his bite mark with gentle kisses. Robert wanted to snort at Gray’s simple observation and a loud, wet snort echoed throughout the trailer, but it hadn’t come from him. Gray glanced at him and he saw a pair dark eyes shining in the low light. He stared unblinkingly at them. 

“Please tell me he wasn’t watching this entire time?” he asked quietly, his breath hitching once when Gray slipped out of him. 

Gray smiled softly at him and laughed. “You know Roscoe loves a good show!” “That’s disgusting Gray!” he said with a roll of his eyes. “And I still wish you’d named him something other than Roscoe,” he added as an afterthought. Roscoe made a soft, snorting nod of agreement. 

His lover ignored his jab, and instead responded with, “Ya didn’t seem all that bothered while we were goin’ at it. In fact,” he stepped forward so they were nose to nose as he palmed his already hardening cock, “Ya seemed to rather enjoy the ride.” 

Robert grinned at the sound, which was a little too stale for his liking. “At least make this ride,” he whispered softly against Gray’s lips, “Do not exceed eight seconds.

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