Find the Best Exercise Regime for an Active Sex Life

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Although being physically fit can make a big difference in your sexual performance, it is not always easy. Some exercises will help you prepare for sexual mastery better than others.

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Fit for Sex

Feeling short of breath is one sign that you need to work out more. Your body might become too tired to perform a particular sex position or rhythm. You don’t have to be a fast, hard, or athletic sex performer, but your passion should dictate the pace and not your fitness.

A simple way to achieve sexual fitness is to include an activity in your daily life that is more strenuous or (preferably) less frequent than sex.

Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Exercise

Exercise can be roughly divided into two types: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic activity adjusts your breathing speed so you can train for longer periods. You can choose to do aerobic activities like swimming, light running, or cycling.

Anaerobic exercise is high intensity training at its core. Although it is fun, intense, and functional, you will not be able to keep it up for more than a ten minute period. You can get there by doing sprints, pushups, pullups, and other exercises depending on your ability.

Because what is considered jogging can also be called sprinting. However, aerobic sex should be maintained at all times. Sexual performance is determined by your ability to continuously inhale air.

The Anaerobic Magic

Does that mean you don’t need anaerobic exercise to boost your sexual fitness? No.

Even the most fit can overlook the many benefits of anaerobic exercises. You can get many benefits from occasionally pushing your limits, such as a change in muscle strength or a dramatic metabolic boost. But, most importantly, it will dramatically increase your body’s VO2 max. This is the capacity of your body to use oxygen while engaging in any activity, even sex. It is also worth noting that if you don’t have much time for exercise, an anaerobic workout will get you much fitter than an aerobic one in the same amount of time.

Organic Fitness

Fitness for sex involves many things. These include stamina, endurance, and a body that is comfortable with love. A generalized or organic fitness is the best way to prepare for sex. It is best to think of it as a more natural lifestyle like a hunter-gatherer. There would definitely be some running from beasts, picking things off the floor, climbing trees and mountains, crawling, hiking, swimming… you get the picture.

You don’t have to be the fastest runner, best climber, or strongest lifter, but you might just be regular enough in each of those activities to be quite fit and your sex life will reap massive benefits. And while you’re at it, keep in mind that your practice doesn’t have to be colossal every time, frequent mini-workouts can reap surprising benefits, too.

Keep it versatile

The best way to keep sex fit is to be versatile.

Strengthening your muscles will enable you to experience more sex positions, improve your mood, and increase your libido. You might consider weightlifting, functional training, or other high-intensity exercises as good workouts.

Your endurance can help you perform better and control your urge to indulge. Swimming, running, and cycling are all great ways to get there.

Flexibility will allow you to try out new poses and make it easier to hold a regular pose for a longer time. You can keep your body flexible by doing yoga, pilates and other martial arts.

There are specialized exercises that can help you boost certain structures, which you may have been neglecting. You can do Kegel exercises with or without pelvic floor trainers. However, there are many yogic and tantric exercises that will help you to build a stronger connection with your body, and with its sexual side.

Last, but not least: Having sex is a form of exercise and the best way to prepare for more sex.

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