Holiday in Sicily – An Erotic Story

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Two hours of Googling and three hours of driving followed by one hour of hiking in the 40-degree Celsius weather. 

It all to find this hidden beach. 

one time in sicily erotic story

She was sitting at the end of the beach with her long, tanned legs spread out in front her. She leaned on her hands behind the back and didn’t care a bit about the world. 

I guess I’m not going skinny dipping today after all. 

This makes me really sad, as it was the only reason that I tried to find the secret beach where everyone else was going. 

I still walk down the path that leads to the beach, despite my sadness. If I came all this trouble to be here, at least I’m going to enjoy it. 

My feet touch the sand and the girl looks up, half her face covered in dark sunglasses. Slowly her lips curl into smiles as if she knew I was the friend she had been looking for. 

I wasn’t used to the kindness of locals. 

She speaks in Italian, which is too fast for me. When I don’t answer, she grins wider and repeats herself in English, “Not many people know this beach. Especially those who are not locals.”

Her lips move and the words she speaks, rich and teasing make my hairs rise with delight. Now that I’m closer to her, I can better see her body in a bikini, the tan lines over her hips looking very attractive.

I’m grateful I wear sunglasses so she can’t see my eyes roaming her body freely. I feel a certain way because of the way her nipples peek through her white bikini top with triangles barely covering her breasts, and the way her legs move as she wiggles her feet. 

Right then, I realize she’s still looking at me, smiling and waiting for the answer. I clear my throat. 

“I did Google for hours to find the location,” I say, a smile curling the corners of my lips as well. “I hope you don’t mind if I join you.”

She smiles and tilts her head backward. I then watch her long, chestnut hair fall over her shoulder and down her back, her beachy waves glimmering in the sun. 

“Not at all,” she says. “It’s always nice to have company.”

She pats the sand at her side with her hands, signaling for me to settle. And I oblige. I can feel her watching me closely, observing every movement. 

“Are you going to sit in your jeans on the beach?” she asks, her voice full of amusement as she eyes my jeans and white shirt over the top of her sunglasses.

I rub my palms on my thighs, biting my lips. I mean, she’s the only one here I might as well undress. It’s silly sitting on the beach in full clothing in this weather. 

As I glance sideways at her body, the long legs, and sun-kissed skin, something in my stomach twists. 

She’s so damn attractive. 

I don’t think I can sit next to her with my pale legs and jiggly thighs. I didn’t plan this trip, so my beach body isn’t there. 

“Come on, you don’t have to be uncomfortable around me,” she offers, more gently as if she could read my thoughts. “It’s only you and me, and I think you’re hot.”

I am shocked at her sudden honesty, so I make fun of it. 

“I’ll close my eyes if that makes it easier,” she suggests and removes her sunglasses. Her hazel eyes are intensely hooded as she locks eyes with me. 

My body is filled with sparks and my nipples are hardening. 

“Alright,” I agree, interested in playing this game. 

“But then you’ll need to guide me into the water,” she suddenly adds. I blink, lips parted. But then, I nod. 

You can’t deny it, so why not? 

She does exactly what she said and closes her eye. She has such thick eyelashes that they rest on her cheeks, while she closes her eyes, still looking at me. 

Slowly, my white shirt is unbuttoned and I get up to my feet. Next are my jeans. I zip them and let them fall off my hips. 

My thighs are rubbed by the gentle breeze, as is my naked stomach and chest. And my nipples become even harder. It’s a good thing she’s not looking. 

“Ready?” I ask. 

She nods and rises on her feet, her eyes closed. She then reaches for her hand. I grab it immediately and feel her warm flesh. She then ties our fingers. 

As we walk along the sand toward the turquoise water, I smile at myself. I laugh when the cool water touches my feet. 

Oh, how I’ve missed the feeling of the sea wrapped around my skin. 

We continue to race into the water, the waves breaking against our legs. As we walk, I look at her and see her calm eyes, her lovely features still open. 

I stop when the water reaches our waists and turn to her. 

“Thank you,” I say. As the shameful feeling of embarrassment and shame rises to my surface, heat surges up my neck and chest. 

“You know, when you take one of the senses away, the others become more intense,” she says, grinning once more. 

Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard. 

Does she feel the cool water wrap around her middle way more intensely now that she can’t see? What would it feel like if I touched her arm with my fingers?

Without thinking, I reach out and run my fingers along her collarbone, her shoulder, and down her arm. My throat suddenly becomes dry as I feel her breathing, with her nipples showing through.

Oh, God, she’s gorgeous. 

I let go of my hand, unsure if she has the same feelings. 

Before I can even think about it, her hands find my face and trace my jaw. They then make their way down my throat to reach my chest. I freeze when she tracks the track between mine breasts. 

I wish her tongue could have replaced her fingers. 

“Close your eyes,” she says, her words barely a whisper, and I obey. 

My heart beats faster as her hand moves lower and I feel my heart beating like mad when she circles my navel. I am not able to breathe. don’t breathe. I can’t breathe. 

The water swirls, then I feel the warmth of her skin close to my own. My lips are smacked by her breath, and she then kisses me. It is soft and sweet. 

My body erupts with fire as I hold her face in my hands. Her tongue touches my lips and we exchange deep kisses. She tastes like the sea, and I can’t get enough of her soft tongue in my mouth. 

It’s what I want All over

Her hands wrap around my waist, pulling me in closer to her, and I don’t think about anything for a moment. I don’t think about the rolls she can clearly feel. I don’t think about the cellulite as one of her hands dips lower and squeezes my ass. 

I gasp and she laughs before another hand does it. 

I don’t stop her when her fingers slip under the line of my bikini bottom, teasing me and sending spikes of pleasure between my legs. She unties the knots, and the bikini bottom is freed from the water. 

Suddenly, I’m very aware of my nakedness as the cool water caresses my bare pussy. 

I move my hand from her forehead to her neck, untying the knot and letting her top slip down. My palm cupped her breast and I slowly knead it, she moans into mine. 

I bit her bottom lip, dragging the item between my teeth. She moans more and buckles her hips into mine, making another bite. I reach for her bikini bottoms, and grab them without letting her lips escape. 

I grasp her back with one hand and pull her closer to me by intertwining my legs. Next, I roll up my hips and rub my sensitive clit on her. 

I moan as heat rolls off of my body. She picks up the movements, her hips moving slow, long, teasing rolls. 

Our bodies heat up as we move together, with gasps and moans coming out of the fast kisses. My lips hurt from kissing, but I don’t stop. 

I can’t get enough of her. 

She’s the one to break the kiss, though. I don’t want to let her lips go, so I inch forward, eyes still closed as I search for her, but then I feel her lips on my neck, gently nibbling on the skin there. 

I allow my head to fall back, inviting her taste me everywhere. She trails her tongue down my throat and the heat between my legs becomes even more unbearable. 

“Oh, damn,” I whisper as she nips at my neck with her teeth, first carefully testing to see my limits. When I don’t push back, she chuckles and sinks her teeth deeper, sucking. 

I moan, weaving my hand into her hair, pushing her head into me as our hips roll, and I’m overwhelmed with sensations. When she picks up the speed and the rhythm of her hips changes, becoming more erratic and needy, I know she’s close. 

I start by holding her soft breast with one hand. Next, I squeeze the skin and find her pebbled nupple. I try to give her some pain so I pinch it between my two fingers and roll it.

“Don’t stop,” she begs me, breathless once her mouth finds mine again, and I do the same with her other nipple, squeezing it and twisting it slightly. 

My belly is warming faster, and I feel as if I’m on the brink of an orgasm. She gasps suddenly, her entire body going taut. I push her closer to my chest, holding her close as she comes. 

After her body has relaxed, I place my hands on her stomach and let her ride me thigh faster. As I moan, I let my head drop back, feeling my orgasm and warm waves rolling through my thighs. 

We’re both breathless, holding each other in the water, eyes still closed. 

I finally open my eyes and see her standing close to mine, her eyes covered. Slowly, a smile blooms on her beautiful face as she says, “There are more secret beaches to explore.”

Her words are full of promise. And I can’t help but smile, ready to explore every single one of them with her.  

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