How To Prepare for Oral Sex & 69

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Just like any other type of sex, oral sex, or “69-ing”, can be done in different ways. This involves sex with your partner, or receiving pleasure, by placing your tongue and mouth on their genitalia. 

national 69 day

Particularly the 69 position indicates that both partners can give and receive oral sexual sex simultaneously. The numbers 69 can be flipped sideways to get the idea. One partner lies on his back, while the other is on top of him in a genitalia position.

It’s not as logistically complicated as it seems, but here are some things to keep in mind during your first time engaging in 69 or oral sex in general.

Tips for First-Time Oral Surgery

Before you engage in oral sex, talk to your partner. 

Ask them what they want and get them to speak up during the act. This will help you to give them the best oral sex. Also make it clear to them that if they aren’t enjoying it, you can stop at any time. It can be nerve-wracking for both the giver and receiver.

Practice general hygiene.

It’s a good rule to wash your hands and genitals before you engage in any form of sex. It’s not only something respectful you can do for your partner since they’ll be getting up close and personal, it’s also good practice to keeping your genitals free of bacteria.

Get your hands dirty and get things moving.

Especially if you’re giving oral to a penis, you’ll want to use your hands to get it stimulated and hard. It’s not necessary per se, but incorporating a hand into a blowjob is more stimulating for the receiver and takes some relief off your mouth. You don’t have to deep throat if you’re not comfortable and you can just focus on the head of the penis.

The same goes for oral sex. You can stimulate the clitoris and vagina with your hands. Some prefer to stimulate the clitoris externally and stimulate the vagina through penetration. In this instance, you could use your fingers as your genitalia are busy stimulating. Some prefer stimulation only via the tongue. This is something that you should discuss with your doctor.

You can incorporate a partner’s favorite sex toys into oral sex, 69 or even sex sex.

Slow it down.

The assumption most people hold about sex is that it’s faster if it happens quickly. It’s actually not the case at all. Sometimes it’s possible to slow down and concentrate all your attention on one area. 

To stimulate your partner, use slow, circular motions and slow, full-tongue strokes. You can play around with different motions and read your partner’s body language and ask them what they’re enjoying to adjust. 

FAQ: How does cum taste?

A variety of factors can influence the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Taste cum. It is composed of 1/3 semen, 1/3 fluid from prostate gland. It can taste salty, bitter, sweet, or almost nothing. You can also make lifestyle changes that will change the way your cum tastes.

FAQ: What does vagina taste like?

The taste of a vagina can be different from one person to the next, just like cum. It can also change during the different stages of your menstrual cycle. This is because hormone fluctuations cause changes in the discharge. Similar to the ejaculation of a penis it also contains Fructose, glucose, prostatic acidphosphatase. It can taste salty or bitter, or sweet, as well as have texture and color changes.

FAQ: Do I need a clean vagina to have oral sex?

Just make sure you are clean. You don’t have to do anything more than you would in a regular shower. Do not douche your vagina prior to engaging in oral sexual sex. Douching can actually destroy healthy bacteria found in your vagina. 

It is not necessary to feel self-conscious about your vaginal smell. It’s perfectly normal to have a smell and pheromones play an important role in intimacy and attraction. 

Whether you’re trying the 69 position, giving or receiving oral sex, or looking for an oral sex stimulator to masturbate with, we hope you have a very tasty 69 Day!

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