Increase Your Sexual Stamina with the LELO F1S V2 Training Console

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Sexual stamina training, erotic bliss, intense power, all in one console… is it possible? Well, yes, actually. LELO’s F1S V2 is all that and then some. 

stamina training f1s v2

It’s a pleasure product for penis-owners that’ll not only allow you to last longer in the sheets, but will also shower you with new and even better bouts of stimulation using Sonic wavesApp capabilities and responsive sensors. We aren’t tooting our own horn, we’re simply stating facts! 

So if you’re ready to go above and beyond during your solo or partnered play, the F1S V2 Please console will be your next favorite pleasure product.

But first…

In short: sexual stamina This refers to the length of time one can stay in bed. We all know that men often reach climax quicker than women. This may seem like a blessing for men, but it could be a curse for women.

The main reason why penis-owners want to engage in stamina training is if they’re living with PE (premature ejaculationThis is when one ejaculates in less than five minutes. This condition is common in one in three men. 

There are many reasons one could have PE. One example is having to masturbate fast as an adolescent or feeling shame or embarrassment about masturbation and/or sex.

For that reason, we’ve created a pleasure console made for men who not only want to work on their PE and enhance their sexual stamina, but also for those who seek a new and arguably better way to enjoy their intimate alone time. We can say that this console is a master of all trades.

What is F1S V2 and what are its benefits?

The LELO F1S V2 is the next generation of LELO’s first open-interface sextech console. It’s more powerful, has a more flexible sleeve, and a wider range of sonic intensities. Basically, it’s a masturbation sleeve that’s unlike no other you’ll find on the market today. 

That’s because we’ve added additional frills and thrills to make it a blissful, euphoric and otherworldly experience for all kinds of sexy fun.

What are the F1S V2 Features?

The F1S V2 is an elegant pleasure console with these features:

SenSonic Technology

SenSonic technology is LELO’s exclusive sex tech that uses sonic waves to enhance sexual ecstasy. This is a small plate that moves back and forth to increase the quality and depth of your climax. So, in addition to some seriously sensual vibrations, you’ll experience even more sexy vibes.

Cruise Control

Cruise Control This is the ability of your pleasure console to continue working no matter how hard or fast it is used. Most sex toys lose power when they are pressed against the skin, or used vigorously. The F1S V2, however, won’t drop in power, whichever way you choose to use it.

10 Sensors

You can monitor your performance using the LELO app, which has 10 highly sensitive sensors. This will help you increase your stamina and build your best pleasure settings.

App Capabilities

Using Bluetooth, you can connect your F1S V2 to LELO’s app, giving you full control over your personal pleasure. The code is also open-source for app-savvy users. This means you can modify existing programs and share them to the LELO community.

Flexible Sleeve

The LELO F1S V2 has a softer and more flexible design than its predecessor, making it more pleasurable, comfortable, and lifelike.

Two Motors & Customizable Programs

The pleasure console includes four programs that can be customized, each with seven different patterns. You can also get double trouble with the motors.

Double the Power of its Predecessor

This bad boy can be turbocharged to produce intense vibrations that will allow you to have endless stimulation.

Additionally to all these features, LELO F1SV2 is 100 per cent waterproof, made from premium silicone and a luxurious pleasure console for exquisite stamina training or sexual release.

How can the LELOF1S V2 increase your stamina and endurance?

While the functions of LELO’s F1S V2 are quite impressive, it’s at this point that you may be thinking, “Well, How does it actually help me increase my stamina?”

With its ability to track your performance, you’ll be able to see which program allows you to last longer and which takes you straight to climax. This will allow you to learn more about yourself and show you how you can increase your sexual stamina using and without the pleasure product.

You can also increase your sexual stamina by trying these additional ways

If you’re still on the fence about the LELO F1S V2, there are a few other ways you could work on your sexual stamina. These activities can be used to play longer periods of time together or solo.

  • Masturbate your non-dominant hands
  • Use different strokes to achieve the same results as normal
  • Stimulate your prostatic health For a different kind orgasm and more difficult erections
  • Focus more on foreplay
  • Try Edging
  • Get help from a professional

So, whether you’re hoping to increase your sexual stamina, or just enjoy a pleasure console that’s bursting with orgasmic potential, the F1S V2 is an all-round winner, perfect for even more blissful solo fun!

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