Intense Sensations Beyond The G-Spot

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Have you heard about the elusive A-Spot, C-Spot, and O-Spot? These deep spots, also known as erogenous zones, can unlock intense pleasure for some women. In this guide, we’ll explore these pleasure zones, how to locate them, and techniques for stimulation.

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The Importance of Deep Spot Stimulation

According to the 1974 Hite Report on women’s sexuality, only 30% of American women can orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. Even after Shere Hite repeated her study in 2000, the numbers remained the same. However, a 1985 study showed that 89% of women can orgasm through vaginal penetration when the A-Spot and O-Spot are stimulated. These deep spots are located on either side of the cervix, and together with the C-Spot, make up the deep spots.

Is a Deep Spot Orgasm Different from a Clitoral Orgasm?

Scientists have been debating whether orgasms triggered in different areas, such as the clitoris and vagina, are fundamentally different. While there is no scientific consensus, try these techniques to see what works for you.

Tips Before You Begin Deep Spot Stimulation

Deep penetration can sometimes be uncomfortable or painful. We recommend starting slowly and gently, and using a lubricant if necessary. Give yourself enough time to get excited before exploring the deep spots.

While deep spot stimulation can lead to orgasm for some, many find that combining this with clitoral stimulation is the key to achieving the big O. Experiment to see what works for you. If a technique doesn’t feel pleasurable, move on to the next exercise.

The A-Spot

Dr. Chee Ann Chua’s 1997 study of 271 women found that 39.1% reached orgasm almost immediately following A-Spot stimulation, without any external clitoral stimulation. A-Spot stimulation was also reported to increase arousal and vaginal oil in two-thirds of the women.

Locating Your A-Spot

The A-Spot can be found on the front wall of the vagina, around 10-15 cm from the vaginal opening, and 2-3 cm away from the cervix, below the bladder. To reach the A-Spot, go about 5 cm deeper than the bumpy G-Spot. It should feel the same texture as the rest of your vaginal canal.

It may be easier to locate the A-Spot when you’re already sexually stimulated. The A-Spot and O-Spot can be found in crevices to either side of your cervix, which become more accessible during sexual arousal.

Stimulating Your A-Spot

Lie down on your back and place one or two lubricated fingers into your vagina, keeping your palm facing upward. Make a “come here” motion so that your fingers simultaneously curl upward against the front wall of your vagina, the side closer to your belly button. Light, gentle strokes are usually all that’s needed to stimulate the A-Spot. Keep your hands in contact with your vaginal wall and massage your A-Spot with your fingers in side-to-side or up-and-down motions.

If you can’t reach your A-Spot with your fingers, you can use a vibrator, narrow dildo, or G-Spot toy with a curved end to reach it. Use the same gentle massage motions forward and back or side-to-side. If you feel pressure or sensitivity and your vagina gets wetter, you’ve found your A-Spot.

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