Intimacy Products Changing the Future of Sexual Wellness

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What is Femtech? Femtech is a term used to describe products, services, and technologies that support women’s health. Ida Tin, who is the creator of Clue’s popular period-tracking app Clue was the first to coin the term. Femtech has many opportunities that were overlooked previously.

femtech sexual wellness products

Femtech is frequently associated with the following:

  • Products for menstruation and periods
  • Menopause
  • Postpartum health and pregnancy
  • Fertility and Birth Control
  • Sexual wellness

We’ve, of course, extracted the latest gadgets that support that last (but certainly not least) category of sexual wellness. 

Facts about Female Orgasm

Here are some interesting facts about female orgasms

  • Different stimulations can lead to different types orgasms
  • Averagely, it takes 13-14 minutes for someone with vulvas to orgasm.
  • Some people can even orgasm with no physical stimulation
  • The clitoris is home to more than 8,000 nerve endings, which is more than the penis.
  • The brain is the largest sexual organ in the body.
  • Average female orgasm lasts between 30 seconds and two minutes
  • To reduce physical pain, you can use orgasms

Now that you have every reason to step up your femtech game, meet our contenders… 

SONA Cerise

Did you know that the visible part of the clitoris is only a small portion of its total size? SONA, a clitoral masseuse that stimulates more than the clitoris’ external portion, uses air pulsation technology. It is commonly referred to as a “clit sucker” but actually contains a small disc in the mouth that fluctuates, sending vibrations into the body without directly touching the clitoris.

sila product aqua

SILA uses air pulsation technology, just like SONA. This allows for deeper, more intense pleasure. Its major differentiator is that it’s designed for a more gradual and built-up orgasm. There’s a whole world of pleasure out there aside from the “fast and hard” sex depicted in pornography. SILA is ideal for beginners who want to learn more about their bodies and for professionals who need to be more introverted to find explosive pleasure.

soraya wave blue

SORAYA Wave is a rabbit vibrator that can rule all others. It uses a completely different technology. The vibrator function is the same as the standard one, with the shaft and the clitoral motors. But it can also be used to mimic pinching. The good kind of pinching of course, like that of a lover’s hands putting pressure on your G-spot. It does this by moving the curved shaft towards the smaller shaft, so that when it’s inserted it’s stimulating both your clitoris and g-spot. 

Next time you hear the word “femtech” we hope it reminds you of the opportunities that exist within your intimacy, and not just all the serious topics. It’s never too late to strive for sexier alone time, or to create sex toys with their users in mind!

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