LELO Opens the First Restaurant Designed for Throuples on V-Day

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It’s fair to say that Valentine’s Day has always been geared towards couples. Restaurants celebrate Valentine’s Day every year.Th There are many tables for twosomes packed into these venues. The idea that a romantic day should only be celebrated with a couple is outdated.

lelo throuples valentines day The year is a great year for sexual wellness brands LELO is breaking with convention by opening the world’s first restaurant designed for throuples, That is, people who are in love three-way relationships.

Aptly named ‘THROUPLE’, this first-of-its-kind polyamorous eatery celebrated polyamory and broke down the taboos surrounding non-monogamous love. All guests at THROUPLE received a complimentary three-course romantic meal and complimentary drinks. And while designed for throuples, this unique restaurant welcomes all polyamorous people – whether they’re in a four-way or even five-way relationship.

LELO is encouraging People should embrace the freedom to choose the relationship that suits them best and not be bound by monogamy’s social norms. The brand has opened THROUPLE in order to provide a safe place for polyamorous people to have a romantic evening out with their significant other without having to worry about others questioning the extra seat.

lelo throuples valentines day

Polyamory has become mainstream in recent years with polyamory appearing on reality TV and streaming hits like Elite and The Politician. There are also people who have had a tryst with another partner but may not be in a throuple relationship or poly relationship.

In fact, LELO’s research indicates people are becoming increasingly open to the idea of relationships with more than one other person. The brand’s sex census reveals that over a quarter (28%) of Brits would consider entering a polyamorous relationship. A majority (38%) of 18-24-year olds believe that a polyamorous relationship will satisfy all of their intimate needs. However, polyamory is still popular. Only 0.5% of people identify their relationship status with non-monogamy, possibly due to the stigma surrounding it.

Kate Moyle, relationship expert and sex expert at LELO UK comments: “Narratives, conversations, information and education are changing away from a ‘one-size fits all’ model of sex and relationships to a more inclusive and curious one. This is evident in statistics that show people are being more curious and open to ethical non-monogamy relationship options. The sexual wellness movement is encouraging people to find what’s right for them, which may lie outside of the relationship model that they previously felt that they had to subscribe to. As we read, learn, listen, talk and educate more and integrate and normalise ideas about sex and relationships taking different shapes into our lives, then we gradually move towards a place of greater acceptance.”

Luka Matutinovic, LELO’s CMO, comments:Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the most romantic night of the year, and here at LELO we believe that pleasure should be celebrated by everyone – regardless of sexual preference or identity. We are excited to open the first restaurant designed for polyamorous love so those seeking a romantic night out can do so in the comfort of a place full of like-minded people.”

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