Longing – An Erotic Story

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The sun shines through the curtains, warming my hands as it reaches the window ledge. I struggle to awaken slowly, but eventually do. Something is different. These aren’t my sheets; these aren’t my pillows.

Details from the previous night are brought back to life as the room is brought into focus. As I take in the surroundings, I yawn. The sheets are made from white cotton, which is a high quality product and softens beautifully. Feather pillow When I lie down on my left side, my eyes scan the room. A tall, dark-wood dresser with family photos was very tidy. A wedding, the newborn is held by an excited, but scared father. I feel like the father’s pale blue eyes are staring at my face. I feel a tingling sensation of desire. My motion causes a soft murmur behind my back, and an arm wraps around me waist, pulling me closer. My naked shoulder is touched by soft, supple lips. He reaches out to me as I stretch. I feel him getting more and more difficult, with his large member growing between me buttocks. 

His lips move toward my neck, becoming more firm as his hand cups my breast. His palm presses on my nipple, causing it to harden. I turn around to face him and gaze into the same pale eyes as in the photo. They have the same eyes but are older. They have wonderful laugh lines. His sensual lips capture mine. Last night’s memories flood my mind, and my desire to rouse my skin causes my pussy to tingle. I am tender from the constant, relentless pounding of urgent, desperate sex. We would all end up here, it was just a matter of time. 

It was a long battle. Years of you keeping me at arm’s length. It was amazing to watch my growth from a teenager who was uncertain about his feelings. You were always the one I felt inexplicably drawn towards. Your visits to my father were something I enjoyed without understanding why. Knowing that you felt something in me was something I also looked forward to. I was always astonished by your stares. As my hips grew, my legs grew longer, and my breasts grew, I watched. But you were never inappropriate. It was years ago. Today, I am a woman. Recent college graduate. Unknowingly, I believe fate brought me to your city. We were fortunate to be working in the same buildings. Fate that led us to the same bar on Friday for after-work drinks with our colleagues.

Two drinks had passed when I saw you walking in, laughing at something that someone had said. When I saw you, my heart raced. Your hair was a bit darker and your face was a little bigger than it was the last time we met. Your body was the same. Your body was still chiseled and hard. As you and your group sat down at a table, I was there. Being shy, I wasn’t comfortable walking up to you to say hi. I got up and went to the bar to get a round of drinks. Making sure that I walked in your direct line of sight, I moved with the slightest of sway in both my hips and walked. I was careful not to look at you as I carried the drinks back from the table. After drinking the drinks quickly, someone suggested we dance. The bar was not high, so it was almost inevitable that you would spot me if I looked around. I kept my dancing moderate – sensual, but classy. 

About the middle song, I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turned around to see you face-to-face. My heart pounding in my chest as you gave me a slow, wide smile. I pulled you into my arms for a quick hug, and then kissed your cheeks. You didn’t hesitate. You reached out with your left hand to my waist, while the right held my hand loosely. Then we began to dance.

When you asked me what I was doing, I explained how I got to this city and this bar. We found out we were ‘work neighbors,’ and laughed at the coincidence. Your scent and the feel of your hands on me was overwhelming. You pulled me closer to you as the song became slower. I was a little too close to your chest when my breasts touched against your chest. My nipples felt hardened. I tried to maintain my composure, but then I looked into your eyes. I almost drowned in your eyes. You were just as affected as I was by our contact. 

I was asked by you if I would be interested in having dinner with you. We left the dance floor, only reluctantly releasing each other’s hands. We collected our belongings and set out on our way. I asked you where you wanted me to go. You had chicken and invited me to come along. As I walked towards your car, my hands trembled at the thought that I would be in your home, but I said respectfully that it would be great to see you again. “Well that will have to wait for another time,” you say, “everyone is taking a summer break with the wife’s family. It will be nice to have someone to cook for.” 

The car ride was intense. Although you seemed relaxed, my senses were racing with erotic scenes playing through my head. “Behave,” I had to tell myself. I am a friend from family, he is married and much older than me, and I have not seen any indications that he is interested other than catching up. 

We arrived at your home and pulled into the garage. Beautiful historic home that has been meticulously restored. You guided me through the butler’s pantry into a spotless chef’s kitchen. I excused myself to the bathroom and you pointed the way down the hall. I took some time to calm down and to clean up the water that had formed between my legs. Looking into the mirror, I tell myself to grab hold of the mirror and calm down. I wash and dry my hands before returning to the kitchen. 

There are two classes of white wine waiting at the counter. As I sip, I offer my assistance and move to cut vegetables with you. Your body radiates heat. I can feel my nipples becoming harder and hoping they don’t show through my shirt. I quickly work with the vegetables, using expert skill. I reach out to pass the vegetables to my friend, but you remain closed-eyes. I move the cutting board to you, and your hands are tightened.

“Are you alright?” I ask. You frown and I reach for your hand. As my hand touches yours, you begin to turn towards me, your eyes burning into mine. “No, I am not alright.” You say as you put your hand on my cheek and move in to touch your lips to mine. 

It is tentative for the first time. A question. Is it okay? The second is the longest. You can now open your mouth and touch my lips with the third. You are mine now, just like I’ve wanted since high school, and like I had been imagining. As our kiss grows deeper, my arms reach out to you to support me. Your soft moaning pulls me close to you, and you gently place your tongue into mine. Your erection is felt through my pants. My pussy responds. Your hands reach my backside, and you pull my hips to grind against you. 

Everything is moving fast. We want to be together. I am sitting on the counter, my legs spread slightly. I slam against my clit and settle between them. As I moan, my head sinks back. Your hands reach for my breasts, and I arch my back to ask you to massage my breasts.

You undo your white blouse by pulling the hem of my black skirt’s waistband out of my white skirt and laying it on the counter. I lie back on my stomach, forcing my clit against you. You lean over to take my nipples one by one, as I lay down on the counter. You grab me and wrap my legs around your waist to transport me to your bedroom. You can find me there, kissing your neck, your neck, sucking your earlobes, and nipping at your feet. You pulled me closer against you, and you kneeled my buttocks. We are still separated by far too much fabric.

I reach my room, and you gently lay me onto the bed. I stand up, reaching for my belt and pants. As I gently stroke you with one hand, I can hear your throat growl. Your feet kick your shoes off and you bend down to take your pants and socks off. You then push me back on my bed.

Your hands are between your legs and you stretch your arms out to reach my hips. Your gaze intense as you uncover my panty-covered mound. My desire is soaked into the black lace bikini pants. As you place your fingers between my legs and my hips to trace the edge, my hips twitch. Your finger slowly runs from my mound to my clit. You moan again, and you lean in for a closer look at my arousal. Your hair is bare and my fingers are in my hair. 

My clit intrigues you. It is swollen, needful, and peeking out from my lips. Your finger gently touches it, then more firmly, causing my back arch to the side.  Your finger will be pressed into my crease, causing me to feel the silky sheen. I am waiting for your arrival. Your tongue touches my clit, and your finger slips into me. My eyes close involuntarily. I feel so overwhelmed and am already at the edge of my peak. Your fingers and tongue make my hips dance rhythmically, as you work their magic on me. I can’t lay still; I can’t stop the mewling sounds coming from my throat as you continue your torment. My head shakes and I begin to cum around your finger. I hear you whisper “yesss” as my cum covers your hand.

As I descend from my climax, I feel breathless. You get up, take off your shorts and let go of your hard, wet cock. You place me on the middle of the bed, and you kneel down. I want to roll you over and taste your body, take you in my mouth, but you don’t let me. My hands are on each side of my head, and my fingers are entwined between your legs.

You and I are perfectly matched. Your head rubs against mine. Again, I can’t keep my hips still. I need you in my body, and I want you to be inside of me. I wrap my legs around you waist and rub my clit upwards and down. You push in my direction once you make your entrance. I’ve never been so nervous about taking in someone for so long. Take your time and make sure my juices are flowing over you. Then you push yourself forward fully, and you bury yourself in me. Both of us moaned as I stretched further than ever before. You look at me, a questioning glance in your eyes. To let you know that I’m okay, I smile and nod.

Your hands tighten around mine and you thrust into my chest, moving confidently and authoritatively. I gasp as you thrust my clit with your thrusts, my legs tightly wrapping around you, my hips rising to respond to each thrust. Your head tilts back and your eyes shut slowly. “Oh, fuck,” you mutter as you move harder in and out, your toes curling at the exquisite pleasure of my tight pussy. My hips are rocking faster, wanting you more climax as I feel it.

Now, you’re crazed. You start to pummel into my pussy and I start to writhe. As I reach my second climax, my body starts to shake and my pussy begins to clench around me. You can feel me cumming around your neck as my moans intensify. You yell out ‘HOLY FUCK!” as I feel you explode inside me. As your heat fills me, I feel like cum after cum is emptied into my body.

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