Love Revolution During the Pandemic

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This is the second episode of our pleasure podcasts. We travel the world to discuss the consequences of the continuing pandemic of human relations. What has long-term time together had on couples? How has the dating landscape changed? Or how can we deal with the psychological consequences of lockdown. These and other questions will be the topic of discussion when we welcome four guests who bring their own perspectives and experience from the past year.

We are joined in the studio by Zrinka (the head of the global creative department at LELO) and Stivi (a digital marketing specialist). Both were very open to sharing their views on the subject. We had the privilege of speaking via video link with Nina Julie Lepique (co-founder of Femtasy) and Cristina Serrentino (an entrepreneur with many stories to share).

The pandemic affected everyone, touched every person on earth, and has left an imprint in all our lives. We invite you to join in the search for answers to these vital questions.

You can stream the entire episode below, or listen to it on the official Spotify Volonte Podcast.


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