Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Lelo

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Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank all of the leading ladies out there for giving us life. A mother is more than 50% of our DNA, for many. Mothers are able to heal broken hearts, physical injuries, and body pains.

People will come and leave your life. But a mother stays with you for the long term. It’s a special mother-child bond that’s arguably greater than any force on earth, and basically, it’s fair to assume that a mother is nothing short of a Superwoman.

So while some people’s relationships with their mother doesn’t necessarily include sex talk, discussions about sex toys, indulging in eroticaTalking about sexual health, some people are comfortable doing it. 

And let’s face it, All Women could use a little cheeky treat every now and again.

With that, here are four LELO gift ideas ideal for Mother’s Day.

massage candle

Candles are always a great gift idea, especially when they’re Scent. They create a warm, intimate atmosphere that can enrich all the senses. 

And whether they’re used for romantic nights in (solo time or partner play), or simply inducing down-time, it’s a simple addition that can make a big impact on our wellbeing.

The Flickering Touch Candle for Massage is a sensual and luxurious pleasure product that’s made from all-natural soy wax, shea butter, and apricot kernel oil. 

What’s also seriously amazing about these candles is that when the wax melts, it becomes a pool of lush massage oil. The shea butter softens and nourishes skin and makes it non-greasy.

The Flickering Touch Candle for Massage It lasts up to 36 hours and is available in three different scents.

  • Vanilla and Creme De Cacao
  • Snow Pear and Cedarwood
  • Black Pepper and Pomegranate

smart wand 2

Relaxation is one of the greatest pleasures in life. This is why LELO’s wand-style vibrators You can now enjoy spa-level massages at your home.

The LELO Smart Wand This cordless, all-over massager has vibrations that increase upon contact with the skin. The gradual increase in stimulation allows you to relax and feel more at ease.

They’re also waterproof, making them useful to enjoy no matter what your needs may be.

LELO Smart Wand Suggestion

Smart Wand (Medium). It is a great addition for an overnight bag or gym bag because of its small size. This allows you to take relief from everyday stresses on the go. Smart Wand (Large). Allows for relaxation of tension on your back.

LELO Beads: For the Young, Old & In Between

lelo beads plus

Why would you gift your mother? LELO Beads for Mother’s Day?! Why wouldn’t Give your mother LELO Beads for Mother’s Day!

This pleasure bead system is the best-selling in the world, and they’re helpful for a number of reasons… 

1. Stronger Orgasms

The LELO Beads have a gentle vibration that responds to your body’s movements. These interchangeable weighted vaginal beads are a great way to get started. Stronger and more intense climaxes.

2. The Pelvic Floor is strengthened

After Childbirth: It’s true that a woman’s pelvic floor muscles stretch during natural childbirth. This can cause pain, swelling, and inflammation. Doing pelvic floor exercises (i.e. The LELO BeadsIt can reduce swelling, increase blood flow, and improve healing after birth. 

Even though it may have been many years since your last child was born, there are still these. LELO Beads It can be a surprise gift for a friend, relative, or neighbor who just gave birth. After all, a mother is a mother.

Incontinence: If your mother is aging gracefully, there’s an added bonus to these LELO Beads. They can also reduce incontinence. These pleasure beads strengthen the pelvic floor which supports the bladder, uterus and small intestine.

See? No matter what stage of her life you are in, these luxury beads make the perfect gifts.

Nea 2 Deep Rose1778d57d20404563f786d8ff8621710c


The last, but certainly not the most important, is the GIRL POWER Set It is for all mothers out there who need it. Single and in love. The tagline “You can get off with yourself,” It is both apt and elegantly true. 

It comes with the NEA 2 And the GIGI 2.These toys help women learn about themselves and their bodies while hitting all of their sweet spots.

The NEA 2 It is decorated with a feminine floral design and is a powerful, yet compact pleasure product. It can be used externally to produce blissful orgasms by emitting strong vibrations and eight stimulation patterns.

The GIGI 2. It is all about inner stimulation and can tantalise your g spot with its flattened and curved tip. There are four buttons that allow you to adjust its pleasure settings. 

What’s also great about GIGI 2.The best part about it is that you can flip the tip over to use it as an external clitoral masseur. Double the fun with this device

Have you found the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Or perhaps you’ve found a little somethin’ somethin’ for your own pleasure chest! Here’s to all the beautiful and sensual women out there that we absolutely cannot help but love.

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