Paleo Sex Holds the Secret of a Wilder Love Life

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Rewilding is a hot idea that only gets more sexy every day. It can make it easier to have more spontaneous, natural and satisfying sex in our relationships.

paleo sex

What is Rewilding?

It is a conservation biology concept that restores habitat to its natural state. This might be the only thing that could save the planet since we have already changed over half of the land. Aside from that, there is a widespread movement of personal rewilding—the idea that we can re-naturalize our bodies and lives. It is present in many areas – from barefoot running to various eating styles like raw foodism or the Paleo diet. So it’s only natural to extend it to sex.

Stone Age Sex

The famous saying “If a bear shits the woods” is a question. You could also ask your ancestors if they had sex in the woods. They did, in caves and woods as well as around open fires.

There’s plenty we don’t know about Palaeolithic people, but what we do know is that they likely lived in tribal communities of around 25 members highly dependent on each other and each others’ resources. Scientists even believe that these early societies were primitive to some degree. female-dominated or gender-equal. Also, they were very unlikely to be shy about sex and strictly monogamous in a two-people-exclusively kind of way.

There are many benefits to following the footsteps of our cave-dwelling ancestral sexuals. There are simple ways to spice up your sex life and make it more fun, natural, spontaneous, and lively.. So, let’s do it like they did it in Altamira caves. Here are some suggestions:

1. Get fit in new and exciting ways.

You can’t expect to have a great paleo-sex experience if you are a worn-out couch potato to begin with. Your body desires to run, jump and climb, as well as roll on the ground and hang from trees. You could also do the rest of the daily tasks that Stone Age people had to do in order to survive. You will be rewarded with great sex if you are flexible and wild with your body. And no, you don’t have to have a visually “perfect” body by modern-day standards, just be playfully active.

2. It’s time to get out of bed.

Let’s be clear about one thing—The bed is a wonderful place to have sex. It’s warm and safe, and it’s perfect for being the main focus of our love lives. It’s just that they shouldn’t be the exclusive place for sex for a simple reason—being perfectly exclusive about anything is just too finite and narrow-minded.

3. Outdoor sex is possible on different surfaces.

Every surface has a different feel; soft or hard, warm or cold, smooth or rough… Each quality can be exciting in its own way, so make sure to give them all a try. And Outdoor sex will add a whole new dimension to your sex experience You just need to feel it. You can even direct your experience. Our bodies are healed when we touch the ground and skin. (it has a great name… Earthing). As for having sex under the open sky, hopefully, I don’t have to explain its charm to our open-minded readers.

4. A fireside chat is a great way to enjoy sex.

Dim, playful light, the smell of burning wood, the feeling of warmth against bare skin protecting it from the ambient chilliness… There’s just something primal about having sex next to live flames that touches on the very essence of our animalistic eros. Most people believe that fire is a way to protect and cook; however, I think it’s irresistible.

5. You can have sex with spectators.

Fear of being seen in love is a sign of advanced civilization. It is difficult to explain to those who live in more natural societies.. There’s a multi-billion industry based solely on the fact that watching other people have sex produces joy and excitement. It can be very rewarding to be watched while you have sex. The greatest feeling of freedom is not giving a damn if anyone sees you doing it.. Ensure that you find the right context. If you find it offensive, don’t force others to see you having sex. We don’t live in a Stone Age society, regardless of all that may be said.

There’s a World Outside of Strict Monogamy

Although a completely open relationship is not for everyone, Both partners can feel empowered by agreeing to bend the monogamy rules.. We can also learn from the more recent natural societies. Although they were/aren’t strictly monogamous, many are endogamous. This means that they are comfortable with side actions as long as they stay within a trusted group.

To have a group of people you are close enough to share the ultimate intimacy of love is a rare gift in today’s individualistic society, Even though they don’t always work out,

You can discuss the issue with your partner if you wish. Remember that not everyone is wired for monogamy. They believe that even opening up the subject is equivalent to a controlled destruction of the fundamental structures of relationship. Be careful when you move in this direction.

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