Reading Erotica with Isaac – An Erotica Story

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Isaac and I had been casually seeing each other for a few weeks. He was a great guy. He was a dark-haired man with deep brown eyes. He was also studying social work, with a special focus on sexual assault survivors. Oh, and he was in military. He certainly ticked all the boxes of my “tall, woke, and handsome” list. He was also extremely interesting, kind and easy to communicate with. He and I shared intimate, sweet pillow talk every night when we were both in bed. You can see why he was so special to me. 

reading erotica with isaac erotic story

We were talking on the phone one night and I mentioned that I had written an amusing story. I don’t remember if I offered to send it to him or if he asked me to. I sent it to him regardless, but I made sure that one of the characters was his name. His name was something that I considered objectively hot. It was embarrassing. He assured me that it would make the story even more interesting. He said he enjoyed reading the story, which made me smile. He was relieved and excited by my words.

Within a couple of days, he sent me a text saying that he was having a very sexy idea: being inside me and reading erotica together. It sounded incredible hot to me. I had never done something like this before. My curiosity and horniness took over. Isaac and me already had great chemistry.

He seemed to know how I like to be touched. He kissed, held and fucked my body in ways I never expected, but which were all things that I had always longed for. I dreamed for years of having sex in a spooning position, but never got to do it until Isaac suggested it. He told me that’s his favorite way to have sex. I used to think that kissing him felt exactly like it would feel to be able to kiss myself. Does this make sense? I don’t know. But it’s how I felt.

Isaac and I had our erotica date. We agreed to meet at my apartment, where he would read some erotica and then we would go over to his. My excitement kept me awake throughout the day. I found it quite difficult to go about my normal routine when I knew what I’d be doing that night with Isaac.

Isaac arrived exactly as planned. We hid in our bedroom. We talked and had a good time. It was so pleasant to smell his body. His body felt so good to touch. In our eagerness to get to the real thing, we stripped off and settled into bed. Isaac spooned me while I spooned my laptop. The one detail we hadn’t planned was exactly what story we would read together.

I asked what he liked and he said he didn’t have a strong genre preference. I explained to him that I had one story that I loved, but it was very strange. (It’s about two people who create a sex research device together. The second character forces the other to be their first test subject. It pings my medical kink and ravishment fantasy as well as my desire to be dominated.  He said that he liked strange stories, and urged me to read them. We started to read.

It was a wonderful experience. I felt his cock against my stomach and could hear his breath quicken while we read. Our sweat mixed and made our skin stick together. I let his hands touch my body. He reached back to me and did the same for me. He touched my hips and thighs as well as my tits. Finally, he placed a finger in his mouth to let me suck. I swirled my tongue around his finger in the same motion I’d use for his cock. Sometimes, I turned my head towards him so that we could kiss. I moved my hips against him. (In fact, I’m currently laying in the same spot on my bed while I write this, wishing we could do it all again.) Just like the story’s characters, heat built up between us. 

Isaac reached out and grabbed me, kissing me deeply after we had finished reading. We were both completely sexy and in love. He immediately put on his condom and began to slide his cock inside of me. This was easy since he was very strong and I was still soaking wet. I wish I could recall all details. The details of what happened next are blurred in my memory. I’m moaning, laughing gasping, thrusting and licking. There is nothing better than having someone fuck you and making you laugh. 

We cuddled and talked for quite some time, then we drank water. He ended up sleeping over. I got up and went to bed. Isaac was there to hold me as I fell asleep. I turned around and faced him. It was impossible to keep our hands from each other as our legs were intertwined. It was late, we were sleepy, but we didn’t stop. Maybe we couldn’t stop. I felt his cock harden again. I positioned my body on top of him, and he pulled at my hips and my stomach. Then, I felt my stomach churn. Isaac pushed me onto the bed and sat up. He kissed me hard. I ran my fingers through his hair.

I gasped when he touched my soaking wet cunt with his firm, smooth head. I couldn’t bear it. He made a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a moan. I told him how desperately I needed him in my body. I begged him for his help and asked him to fill me. It’s so wrong, He whispered and pushed his naked cock into my hole. I was groaning at the unique, taboo joy of being skin-to-skin, with no barrier between us. I could sense the coronal ridge in his cock and felt it as he thrust into my chest.

To get his body closer to mine, I wrapped my legs around him. I was able to feel his excitement and he said he would be coming. He stopped fiddling me and put his hand on my stomach to press his cock against mine. His cum covered my skin a few more times as he thrust against me. Isaac and I climbed back under the covers, sweaty, breathless and tired. We cuddled up and fell asleep deeply. 

Isaac was someone I loved, but it ended after only a few months. I have never read erotica with a lover. It’s something I would love to do, and I now know how thrilling it can be. I’m grateful I had such a sweet and passionate partner with whom I could experiment and try new things. Hopefully one day I’ll find someone else like that. 

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