Sometime We Just Need Good Sex Positions, Nothing Fancy

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Whether it’s your first time having sex, or a time to get back to the basics, these good sex positions gained their popularity for being easy accessible no matter what your experience level is. Orgasms that are simple and effective are always a good idea. 

These positions can all be used for non-penetrative sexual sex, regardless of ei.ther partner’s gender!

Position of Missionary Sex

missionary sex position

Missionary gets a bad wrap because of partners who “starfish”, or tend to just lay there without engaging. You can have fun with your partner by sharing the pleasure of sex. You can establish deep emotional connections with your partner through this position.

In the missionary position, the top partner does most of the work, but the good news is that it’s relatively easy to get into it. The bottom partner needs to spread their legs, while the top partner penetrates between them. 

If you’re interested in non-penetrative sex, you can also do this position by rubbing the genitals against one another. And even if you like penetrative sex, sometimes it’s an arousing mix-up to keep stimulation external. It’s worth it.

Spooning Sex Position

spooning sex position

This position allows for low-key, lazy but still intense sex. Because both partners are at their sides, they have more time to stimulate their partners. You can touch your partner’s skin, stimulate their breasts or massage them where they are sensitive. 

You can adapt this position to be non-penetratively, much like a missionary. Since it’s naturally more of a heterosexual sex position, try sliding the penis between the labia, or the lips of the vulva. You can also add a strap-on to the penis if it is not involved. 

Cowgirls with Supported Sexual Positions

supported cowgirl sex position

Cowgirl sex is all about the hips! One partner will cross the other’s legs while the bottom one will support their partner by raising their knees and keeping their partner by their torso. The top partner can either lean forward or prop their arms back on their partner’s legs for added support.

For heterosexual couples, the cowgirl position could offer an opportunity to change the power dynamics. You can have your top partner try swinging your hips side-to-side, up-and down, or back and forth. This position is particularly popular with top partners who have vulvas as it stimulates the clitoris.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

reverse cowgirl sex position

The bottom partner has a unique POV (point of view) when they are in the reverse cowgirl sex position. Like cowgirl, top partners straddle their bottom partner, but face away from them. The top partner can lean upright or hold on to their partner’s legs for support.

The bottom partner can see all of the penetration. As you would expect, this can be done with a penis and a strap-on. Or, the bottom partner may hold a sextoy while the top one rides it. Hot! Hot!

Excellent Oral Sex Positions

Sex Position: Eating Out

eating out sex position

You want to put your tongue on the pleasure button when eating out. You will need to lie on your back and support your head with a pillow. Then, spread your legs wide apart so your partner can fully inhale your sensitive areas using their tongue and mouth. You are always welcome to return the favor.

Some tips to keep in mind while giving oral sex: you don’t have to do anything crazy. You can experiment with both short and long flat licks. It is best to keep it simple. You don’t need to know your A-B/Cs. The tip of your tongue can also be used for penetration into the vagina. Ask your partner before and after the act.

Position of Accordian oral sex

accordian oral sex position

The accordion oral position is very similar to the eating out position. The only difference is that the top partner is lying on their side, perpendicular to the receiver’s body. The receiver opens their legs while on their side, but can keep it steady against their partner’s shoulder. 

Have you heard of the Kivin method? It’s basically about giving head to a vulva sideways and can offer an even better climax in this position.

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