Starstruck Lover – A Gay Erotica Finalist Story

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They met across the room. Nick looked at him, blushing as he turned his head. His shirt tightened and showed his muscles rippling beneath it as he tugged at it, clearly uncomfortable with the knowledge of Nick’s gaze. Nick shook his head. What was he doing here? What was he doing at a party? He laughed and started to chat with his friends. 

starstruck lover gay erotic story

Guests were trickling out as the party came to an end—having an homeowners association meant that parties had to be cut short. Nick ordered an Uber to get to his destination. He then went to the front porch and waited to clean up. 

“Hey! Can’t believe the party’s over so soon, huh? I’m Blane.” He smiled, leaning casually against the railing. What were the chances that it’d be the guy who had caught him staring at him earlier? “Yeah, the night is still so young! Nick.” He smiled and wondered if he actually had a chance to take this somewhere. “What are your plans for the rest of the night?” Blane laughed. “I hadn’t gotten that far, just figuring it out as you go, you know?” 

“Hey, want to come back to mine and grab some beers? I wouldn’t mind some company tonight.” 

“Sure! That sounds fantastic. What kind of beer have you got?” 

“I have a few kinds around. Each of my friends has different tastes. It’s all we ever fight about.” Blane laughed at that. “Isn’t that the truth! Well, this sounds like a plan.” 

“You bet! The Uber should be here in less than a minute, and then mine isn’t far, maybe 15 minutes.” 

“Perfect! The sooner I get that beer the better.” 

When they arrived at Nick’s place, he had to remind himself to not get too excited. Blane had agreed to come over, but that didn’t mean he was interested in more. Nick took the beers with him and led them to the back patio. Blane sat down in one of the recliner lounge chairs, and looked up at all the stars in awe. “I have got to get a set up like this! I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and really appreciated the stars like this.” Nick couldn’t help but notice how trim

Blane looked sexy and relaxed while reclined. His form was clearly visible through the t-shirt. “Yeah!” Nick replied, though he hadn’t really been listening. 

He was determined to do it. “As amazing as they are, I have to confess I can’t take my eyes off of you. You’re beautiful.” 

Blane sat straight up and lean towards him, his eyes sparkling with a smile. “Being compared to the majestic expanse of the night sky? I’ve never felt so desired.” 

Nick felt his arousal rise as he finally recognized the pull toward Blane that he felt all night. 

“I’m a guy who likes to please,” Blane said. “Whatever you want to do to me is yours to take.” 

Nick stopped, taking a moment for himself to mentally slide into a dominant state of mind. He stood up. “I want you to kneel.” Blane complied, “yes Sir,” and felt a wave of pleasure and excitement wash over him as he lifted his head to look up at Nick’s powerful stance. “Now take off your shirt.” 

As Blane removed his shirt, Nick’s breath caught as Blane’s glistening pecs and abs were revealed. His body was only lit by the moonlight. The deep shadows made his cut torso even more attractive. He felt his cock expand, creating visible bulges in his jeans. Nick tried to keep his cool, but he bit his lips. Blane’s eyes went to the bulge, and he leaned forward eagerly. 

“Oh, no. Are you going to give me pleasure, Nick? You’re going to have to beg for it.” Nick wanted more than anything to feel Blane’s mouth sucking his hard, throbbing, cock; but he wanted to make Blane work for it so he would be even more desperate when he finally was allowed to take Nick’s cock in his mouth. 

Blane groaned softly in frustration. To be degraded in this manner? To have to ask for the privilege of sucking Sir’s cock? But he was desperate to get that cock into his mouth. He was unable to speak. “Sir, may I please have the privilege of sucking your hard cock?” He felt himself getting hard through the feeling of shame as he looked up at Nick, completely submitting to him. 

Nick smiled down at Blane with a smug smile, and slowly opened his belt buckle. Blane lean in once more, almost moaning in anticipation. He smiled and smirked. Nick stopped and Blane made a desperate moan. He wouldn’t make him ask again, Would he? Blane felt dizzy from arousal. He felt trembling with a mix of fear, frustration, and pleasure. 

“You’re such a little slut,” Nick growled, reaching out to grab a fistful of Blane’s hair. Blane was shocked by the combination of the words, pain and surprise. “Yes, Sir” he said quietly, leaning into Nick’s aggressive grasp on his hair. 

“I want to see you completely naked in front of me,” Nick ordered. Blane obliged immediately, taking off his shoes, socks and underwear. “Now kneel again.” 

Nick couldn’t resist looking down at Blane, naked and vulnerable, as he sat in front of him. He pulled his belt out and unsheathed the cock from his waist, grunting as it rose up and stood upright. He shoved it into Blane’s open mouth, and groaned in a moment of pure pleasure as Blane began vigorously sucking and stroking his rock-hard cock. 

Nick took a moment to just savor the waves of pleasure crashing over him as the tension that had been building was finally being dissolved by Blane’s strokes. He felt an even greater urge within himself to satisfy his desires, even as he was able to fulfill them. Once again grabbing Blane’s hair with both hands, he shoved his cock deep down Blane’s throat, groaning in pleasure. Blane failed to succeed, but Nick shoved his cock further down Blane’s throat with his next thrust and continued to fuck him relentlessly. 

Blane gasped and tried to speak through the massive amount of cock in his mouth, but he was unable to escape Nick’s control over him. With Nick’s strong hands grasping his hair, Blane was completely helpless and at Nick’s disposal to use him. Nick groaned once more. “I can’t believe how hot you are,” he gasped as he continued to use Blane’s throat. He was struggling to keep it together, when Blane shoved himself even further onto Nick’s cock. Nick could no longer hold back and he finally exploded, shooting his cum directly down Blane’s throat while his cock throbbed and he gasped and panted. 

After a few seconds, Nick’s breathing started to slow again and he pulled his cock out of Blane’s mouth. “Fuck.” He tried to regain his composure enough to speak. Blane sat down on one of the chairs and began to spit into the grass. “Blanket?” Nick, still unable to form words, nodded and headed quickly to the house. 

A few seconds later, he returned with a flannel cover and offered it to Blane. “Join me?” Nick finally felt his head starting to clear, and gave a little laugh, “yes, absolutely.”

Nick laid down beside Blane in the lawn, and Blane draped the blanket over them while they touched each other’s skins. “You’re right, the stars really are beautiful. I don’t think I would have noticed if you hadn’t pointed them out.” 

Blane laughed. “I didn’t even remember that I said that. That was so amazing.” 

“It was. You’re amazing,” Nick sighed, closing his eyes. “Do you want to stay the night? I’ll make you breakfast in the morning, anything you want. And if it’s something I can’t make I’ll order it in.” 

“Sure,” Blane laughed. “Why would I leave now when I can stay here and enjoy you and the stars?” 

“Exactly!” Nick smiled. “There’s so much beauty tonight, let’s just enjoy the rest of the night together.”

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