The Best Birthday Gift – An Erotica Story

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It was Michael’s 37Th Tricia, Michael’s wife, had purchased him a 60-minute deep-tissue massage from a local masseuse. Michael was driving to his appointment at work when he noticed that Tricia had purchased him this massage. He never said he needed or wanted a massage.

Michael and Tricia had been married for 9 years and had two children who took up most of Tricia’s time. Tricia fell asleep almost immediately after her head touched the pillow at bedtime. He couldn’t remember the last time they had sex. He would often descend to the basement to watch porn or masturbate. To wrap his cock, he had even purchased a blowjob stimulator. That stimulator was almost as good as Tricia’s blowjobs, almost. He found it difficult to think about it when he was driving.

Lyla glanced at her schedule a few minutes prior to her next appointment. She saw that Michael, a man named Michael, should be there for a deep tissue massaging session. The notes section stated that it was a gift from his spouse for his birthday. This would be Lyla’s last appointment for the day and she was looking forward to dinner and drinks with her girlfriends afterwards. 

Lyla went to her massage room and lit scented candles to make it smell good. She heard the bell ringing and knew that someone was coming in. She ran to the front door.

“Hi Michael, I’m Lyla. I was told it was your birthday. Have you had a massage before?” Lyla asked. 

“No, I haven’t,” Michael replied. “I’m not even sure why my wife got this as a gift for me but I’m actually looking forward to it.”

“I hope you love it. Let’s go back to the room and I’ll explain what you can expect.”

Michael was attracted to the way the candles were lit in the room as they entered it. The background music was also very sensual. “Was this a massage or something more?” he wondered.

“So, this massage is a deep tissue massage. You’re scheduled for an hour. I’ll do a full body massage. If you have any areas that are more tender, let me know and I’ll ease up on the pressure. I’m going to step outside for a few minutes while you get undressed. Do you have any questions before we begin?” Lyla asked.

“Should I get nude or keep my boxers on?” Michael asked.

“That is completely your preference. Most men take their boxers off but if you aren’t comfortable, you can leave them on.” 

“Okay. Thanks. I don’t have any other questions” Michael said.

“Great. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Lyla stepped outside and Michael began taking off his clothing. Because this is what most men do, he decided that he would get nude. He wanted to enjoy the whole experience. Lyla was still waiting to come back, so he began to think about the room, the candles and Lyla. Lyla was tall and thin with long, curly hair. Red lipstick was what she was wearing. She was very hot. Because she was wearing scrubs (the kind a doctor would wear), it was difficult to see her body. He could see her breasts because of the way her top was tied at the sides. They weren’t huge but they weren’t small. Lyla and Lyla were still on his mind as he lay down on the table, and he began to stroke his cock. He began to wonder if she had ever done more than just giving a massage when she worked.

Lyla, who was leaving the room to give Michael privacy, went into her office and pulled her pants down before sitting on her chair. Lyla liked to relax before getting a massage, and this was the best way to do it. As she placed the clitoral stimulator on her clit, she started to wonder what Michael’s wife meant in the message to “make it extra special”. Is she allowing Lyla to fuck husband? She wondered how big Michael’s cock was. She could sense her becoming numb and knew she was on the verge of coming. After a few seconds she let out another low moan, and finally came. Her favorite toy was a great way for her to come quickly, and it was just right timing for clients who were getting dressed. She saw cum on her chair when she got up. She quickly cleaned it up and pulled on her pants. 

Michael heard a soft sound at the door. He quickly rolled onto his stomach, as he was very hard. Lyla entered and found Michael lying on the bed, naked. Lyla chuckled and then moved over to Michael, whispering to him to cover his waist. 

As Lyla began using the warm massage oil on the back of his legs, he didn’t know if he would be able to stay an hour. It would be embarrassing if she continued to massage his back like that. He began small talk, asking her how many years she’d been a masseuse and what her weirdest experiences were.

She had been a masseuse for five years, and she moved to the place where she lives about a year ago, after she broke up with her boyfriend. She was single and had a lot of girlfriends in the area so she wasn’t as lonely as she could be because they always did fun things together. 

Lyla asked Michael what he did for a living, how long he had been married, if he had any children… Michael was surprised to tell Lyla that his marriage was getting dull and he needed to have something to spice it up or it was going to dry out quickly. Lyla smiled and thought she knew exactly what to do.

She asked Michael to get up and roll over. She uncovered Michael’s chest and draped the sheet a couple of inches below his belly button which was slightly above his pubic area. She could clearly see that he was strong as a rock. She began getting wet.

Lyla started massaging Michael’s lower legs. She could feel Michael tighten up as she moved closer to his chest. 

“Are you feeling okay?” Lyla asked. 

“Oh yeah, it feels great. Almost too great,” Michael said laughing.

“Okay, just making sure,” Lyla said as she walked over to the counter to get her flavored edible massage oil. Michael’s eyes were closed. Slowly, she untied her top and let it drop to the ground. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits looked perky and her nipples were tough. She started heating the flavored oil in her hands and then lifted Michael’s sheet carefully so that he was completely exposed. 

Lyla started massaging Michael’s hard-boiled cock and Michael immediately opened his eyes. He wasn’t expecting this and almost jumped. Lyla looked at him, and after he gave her an encouraging look, she lowered her head to take his cock in her mouth. 

Lyla began to lick the head of hiscock, then she took her tongue and began sliding up and down his shaft. Her mouth covered him, and she began to move her lips up and down the shaft of his cock. He forgot all about Tricia’s blowjobs. He had never had a woman sucking him like this. He started to suck harder, and she was sucking harder. She could feel her insides getting sticky as she was getting more and more wet. He stopped her just as she was about to let Michael in her mouth.

Lyla, shocked, threw her hands up and got up. Michael got up from the table, and Lyla was stunned when he spun her around with his back to him. He pulled her pants down, and then told her to lie on her stomach on her massage table. He hadn’t tasted pussy in so long and he had to have her in his mouth now!

He leaned down and began to lick her skin. “God, she tastes good,” Michael thought. He reached for her clit and started sucking. “Oh shit!” Lyla screamed. She came back again as he licked her clit. She was so soaked. Michael got up and used his cum to massage her genitals. He started to stroke her cock. After he made it really hard, he told her that she should spread her ass open. He asked her to do the same and then he moved his cock into her tight stomach. 

He began to fiss her in the stomach. Lyla was getting insane. He was so thick and hard as he moved into and out of her genitals. She pulled her thigh into his, making him even more envious. He grabbed her tits, and began to fuck her as hard as possible. 

Lyla started whispering, “yes, Michael, fuck my ass. Fuck me hard!” As she finished talking, Michael let go of her tits and grabbed her waist and exploded his come so deep inside her ass. His knees began to weaken as he came so hard. He kept coming, grasping the side of the table. He pulled his cock out after he was done. Lyla stood up, grabbed a towel from the area and took it with her. He could use it to wipe his face. He noticed some red lipstick at the base of his cock as he looked down at it. It was so hot that he thought he might have to do it again. It was too hot for him to resist. He couldn’t go home with lipstick on his cock. He took it off and Lyla was now dressed and tied her top. 

“Happy Birthday, Michael,” Lyla said as she winked at him.

“Yes, happy birthday to me! My wife bought me a masseuse’s massage, and I enjoyed it. No one will get a better birthday than me,” Michael said. 

“We’ve actually gone over your time so I will let you get dressed and I’ll be up front,” Lyla told him.

She left the room, and Michael was left wondering what the heck had happened. He really did fuck Lyla. “Damn, that was good,” he thought.

Before he left the room he reached into his pocket and pulled out $100 and placed it on the table. He received more than he expected, but the tip was higher than the massage.

He came up to Lyla’s front and said that her tip was on the plate. 

“Do you want to make another appointment?” Lyla asked.

“I might at a later time. If I suddenly get interested in massages, my wife may get suspicious.”

“Understood. You know, if you ever want to get a couple’s massage, I offer that as well,” Lyla said with a sly smile. 

“Let me talk it over with my wife and I’ll let you know. Lyla, it was a great massage. I’ll leave you a great review and tell my friends about it.”

Michael turned around, and he left. Lyla watched as he got in his car and drove off. She wondered if she would see him again. She couldn’t stand there and keep thinking about how good his cock felt in her mouth and ass. She needed to go meet her friends. She sent them a message and informed them that she was running a little late but was still on her way.

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