University Alumni Reunion – An Erotic Story

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“Spread your legs.” His shoulder nudged mine, and I couldn’t hold a smile back. 

university alumni reunion erotic story

I obeyed and let my college crush sit down next to me, allowing him to take off one of my stockings above my knees. 

He rolled my leg slowly with his fingers, and I saw him glance at me through my eyebrows once or twice. 

I felt the sensation of his knuckles touching my knees. He noticed that and turned away. As he smiled, his palm touched my knee with his palm. 

“Still ticklish, even after all these years?” 

I smiled. “Some things never change.”

“Callum, my man, you’re taking too long,” Sarah objected, crossing her arms. Callum ignored Sarah and finished taking off his stockings while he remained focused on me. 

Oh, how much I wished this wasn’t a game and that we weren’t in our old History classroom, but rather somewhere more private, so his long fingers could explore me everywhere else. 

“Come on, guys!” Will encouraged, clapping his hands together. “How hard is it to remove an article of clothing?”

“You wouldn’t know, would you now?” Patricia snorted, eyeing him from head to toes with her sharp black eyes. Will looked back at Patricia, still silent.

I haven’t heard a silence so loud before. 

“Got it!” Gabriel laughed, lifting a piece of underwear over his head, waving it like a flag. 

“Underwear? Really, Patricia?” I cocked a brow. Will was finally looking away, and she just shrugged. 

“We need to spice things up a bit, don’t we?” She walked over to her chair at the table and sat down. “This reunion has been rather boring so far.”

“Aren’t they supposed to be like that?” Sarah questioned, sipping on her Moscow Mule. “It’s not like any of us were dying to attend it anyway.”

“Well, I wanted to be here,” Callum said, taking his seat. His beautiful face was adorned with a knowing smirk. “And I’m glad Patricia is here because I also think we need to spice things up.”

I snorted but didn’t say anything. 

It was a fun time for our small group back then. It all seemed so far back, even before fancy office jobs, mortgages, and husbands with children. 

That sort of stuff was not for us. Or were we? 

The longing glances passed from one to another, each and one of us suddenly silent and considering Patricia’s suggestion. Is it possible to be so reckless? 

NoI thought to myself. My stomach sank and I felt tingling. 

Patricia, a natural leader, got up and went over to the front door. She turned around and looked at each one of us.

“Who’s game?” 

We didn’t say anything at first. But then, Callum said, “I’m game.”

“Me too,” to all of our surprise, Will chirped, his back turned to Patricia. 

“What the hell.” Sarah rolled her eyes. 

Gabriel and me were the only ones left. We shared a glance and his eyes were filled with mischief. 

“I’m always game,” we both replied in unison. A smile spread across his brown eyes. 

“Great,” Patricia said, walking over to us, her heels clicking on the hardwood floors. “Helena, get on the table.”

Wait, what? Me? 

Patricia didn’t let me question her, coming to stand over me as her intense gaze bore into mine. “On the table. Now.”

I took in a deep breath and obeyed her. I rose from my seat and began to slide my arse on the edge the table at which we had just played poker. My heart was hammering in my chest as I waited for what’s to come next. 

“Sarah, you’ve always had a crush on Helena, didn’t you?” Patricia turned to Sarah, smirking. 

She grinned and turned her around. But she didn’t argue. She knew it was futile. We knew all about her crush upon me. 

“Strip and then help Helena take off her clothes.” Patricia really wasn’t joking tonight. 

Sarah quickly undid her white silk blouse and let it fall to the ground. After unzippeding her pencil skirt, Sarah stepped out of it. 

She reached for her bra’s hooks to free her round breasts. When she dropped her panties, ready to remove her high heels, Patricia said, “Keep the heels on.”

As Sarah stood naked before us, her nipples were pink and erect, there was a shift in the atmosphere. The pulse between my legs throbbed and I had to cross my legs. 

“No time to waste,” Patricia urged Sarah towards me. 

Her hand touched the first button on my dress just above my breasts. I exhaled sharply. She looked amazing up close. I just wanted to touch her skin and feel the nipples in her mouth. 

I wet my lips as Sarah’s hands worked on my dress. Soon, I was only left in my underwear that didn’t leave much for the imagination. You see, I like to be prepared. 

But I did engage in group sex regularly with old friends. 

“You like what you see, Sarah?” Patricia asked, her voice low. My body was a blur of desire in her eyes as she nodded. “Why don’t you free her breasts out of that tight bra, hm? It looks like they’re begging to be freed.”

Sarah sat between my legs, wrapping her arms around me to reach the hooks. I leaned back and sucked in a sigh at Sarah’s cold fingers on my skin. 

“Good girl,” Patricia whispered, coming to stand behind Sarah. 

Others have also moved in a similar fashion, taking their seats at the table and watching the action unfold. Gabriel was the only one with his pants still unzipped. His fingers were slowly moving his long cock. 

Sarah dropped her bra on the ground and began to massage the flesh. As Sarah kneads the flesh, I lean back on my arms and drop my head. 

When I turned my head to the side, my eyes locked with Callum’s. He looked at me with his lips parted and was consumed by the scene in front of us. 

“You want to take them in your mouth, don’t you?” Patricia asked, pushing Sarah’s hair out of her face. She nodded. “Then do it, like a good little girl that you are.”

When Sarah’s mouth closed over one of my nipples, I couldn’t hold in the moan, letting my eyes fall closed. It was heaven. 

My tongue was working me. She swirled and explored my sensitive flesh, biting, nibbling and keeping me on the edge. In search of friction, I let one hand slide between my legs.

“No.” Patricia slapped my hand away. “Not so fast.”

My chest began to swell with frustration as I opened my eyes. Patricia only smiled at me as I whimpered. 

“Callum, it seems Helena has a need,” Patricia taunted, her eyes locked with mine even though she spoke to him. “Will you be a gentleman and help her with it?”

My chest heaved, throbbing between my legs intensifying, and I bit my lower lip, still keeping Patricia’s gaze. 

Callum began to rise from his place and circle the table closer to Sarah and myself. Without Patricia’s command, Sarah climbed on top of the table, settling on my side as she continued working my nipples and breasts. 

I finally managed to break away from Patricia’s gaze to see Callum come closer to me, his hands landing on my hips. I felt his bottom lip rubbing against my skin, as his eyes wandered around my body. He then whimpering, arching his back. 

He was inside of me. 

Patricia laughed from across his shoulder. “Why don’t you give this little brat what she wants?”

Callum’s lips curled into a smile as his gaze dipped to my crotch. He unzipped his pants and let go of his cock. In a flash, my underwear was pulled to the side with his cock pressing on my door. 

“She’s so wet for it already, isn’t she?” Patricia asked, her hand running through Callum’s blond hair. 

“Oh yes,” he breathed out the words. And then he thrusts inside, stretching me, and I gasped, the sensation of my nipples in Sarah’s mouth and his cock filling me, making me want to scream. 

Patricia chuckled, and then she let go of Callum’s hair, disappearing behind his shoulder again. 

As he punched into me, we locked eyes and I had to bite my lips to stop myself gasping and moaning. I didn’t want anyone to walk past the classroom and hear us. 

“Will, why don’t you come over here?” Patricia’s voice came from my left, where Sarah was. I turned my head to see her slap Sarah’s ass, and she moaned over my nipple, sending vibrations down my body to my very core. 

“Oh, fuck, baby, you’re fucking dripping,” Callum said, breathless, thrusting deeper and harder now. 

Will walked over to Patricia, his eyes plastered on Sarah’s ass and back, lips wet and parted. 

“Why don’t you show Sarah some love, hm?” Patricia taunted, caressing Sarah’s ass gently, before giving it another spank. 

Will nodded, pulling a chair, and sat down, his face coming close to Sarah’s pussy. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but from the way Sarah arched her back, moaning over my flesh, I bet Will’s mouth was on her, sucking and licking her. 

It was the mere thought of it that turned me on, and I allowed my head to fall back, getting lost in the sensations, sounds, and smells of sex filling up the room. 

My body was on fire. There was heat in the air. I wasn’t going to last any longer. 

I reached a hand and gripped Callum’s forearm, digging my nails in his flesh. My legs wrapped around his middle, pulling him closer to me, and I demanded, “Harder.”

He did as he promised, pushing into my skin hard and gripping my flesh with his hands so hard that it almost hurt. Sarah whimpering over my chest as she sucked and licked at me, her own pleasure threatening to consume. 

I met Patricia’s gaze, her eyelids heavy as she watched the action unfold. As she bit her lip, I felt an orgasm and my body began to tremble as I held Callum close. 

“Oh, fuck,” he groaned, picking up the pace, and I let him use me until he too was trembling and gasping as he spilled inside me. 

There was another groan behind me, and I turned to see Gabriel’s face lost in bliss, his hand wrapped around his cock, his seed spilling over. Sarah whined and bit on my nipple. 

We just sat in silence for a while, taking deep breaths and feeling the bliss. 

Callum placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, before he moved on and settled in. “Well, that was a sure way to spice things up.”

I giggled, as I fell off the table. It was exactly like in the past. 

“Well, see you all in ten years’ time again?” Gabriel asked, rising from his seat with a smile. 

“How about we make it to five?” Patricia cocked a brow. 

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