What is an App-Controlled Sex Toy? Meet LELO’s PicoBong Remoji Line!

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What a wonderful world it is to have sex with other people! How we treasure our self care sessions, full of passionate lusts and stunning orgasms. And don’t forget Play with a partner… equally as delicious and satisfying! 

control your orgasm from phone

This is why we’re continuously bringing you new and more sextech-savvy toys that’ll rock your world (like the NEW LELO ENIGMA! It’s amazing! It’s worth it!).

Today, however, we’re shining some light on a different line of sex toys! PicoBong is our sister company and they make Remoji pleasure products. 

These sex toys have funky colours and increased arousal. They also allow you to control your orgasms via their app. 

So if you’re looking for a different kind of thrill when it comes to your orgasms—a thrill inspired by eclectic hues of greatness—then the Remoji line from PicoBong is something you have to take a peek at. 

But first…

What is an App-Controlled Sex Toy?

App-controlled sex toys are pleasure products that work in conjunction with an app. The company to which the app-controlled sexual toy belongs has almost always an exclusive app that allows users to connect via Bluetooth. 

You (or another person) can now control all the functions of the toy by opening the app from your smartphone.

PicoBong is all for it!

What’s PicoBong all about?

PicoBong was created in 2016 to provide uninhibited flirty fun for everyone. 

This brand is all about experimentation and thinking outside the box. They create toys that are fun, inclusive, and colorful. 

And they’ve really managed to make a splash with their Remoji line, which can be controlled via their Smartphone app.

How Do Remoji Sex Toys Work?

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Steve Thomson, the CMO of PicoBong, revealed:

“We want to revolutionise sex lives by making phones part of the foreplay and not a distraction from it. You can imagine the app being used with a sex tool in public, such as at a club or restaurant. You can be playing with the app and no one will realise you’re actually controlling a sex toy; they will all think you’re just playing a game.”

Is it a game? Well, that’s actually all part of the fun!

You see, the Remoji app actually uses an emoji-like character to run the show, making it essentially inconspicuous to those who’re unfamiliar with the likeable cartoon. 

The app’s user can then tap, swipe and poke the Emoji, which then dances to the music. This in turn controls the vibrational patterns of the connected toys. Sounds like quite a hoot, right? (FYI) A 2019 survey found that Emoji users have more sex!)

“Music, emojis and sex. No, even better; music emojis and public sex,” The press release is available here. 

The Remoji toys are interactive and music-inspiring, and offer four products. 

Do you want to taste these amazing creations?

4 Remoji App Controlled Sex Toys: There’s Something for Everyone!

1. PicoBong Remoji SURFER Plug Vibe

SURFER Plug VIBE is the perfect anal accessory for adrenaline-inducing thrills! The bulbous tip is sexy and can be used for erectile insertion. It also has a flared base that makes it easy to take out. It’s got six different vibration patterns, comes in three different colours, and is 100 percent waterproof! You can download the Remoji App, connect it through Bluetooth, and surf!

2. PicoBong Remoji DIVER Egg Vibe

Enjoy a deep dive into the unknown, and you will find joy that is as great as gold. The Remoji DIVER Egg is a slim, cheeky G spot vibe. It has a long cord making it easy to remove. It’s curvy and luscious, ready to make an absolute splash in or out of water—yep, it’s 100 percent waterproof! Do you want to play?

3. PicoBong Remoji LIFEGUARD Ring Vibe

Couples’ rings (more commonly known as ‘penis rings’ or ‘c-rings’) are great for a number of reasons! They have the power to induce stronger and more powerful erections, they assist those living with erectile dysfunction, and they’re just good fun to use… especially when the vibrations tease and please both partners. Either way, the Remoji LIFEGUARD will ensure that you’re never left in the deep end! It’s a one-size-fits-all, waterproof, stretchy silicone couple’s ring that’ll take you on one heck of a ride!

4. PicoBong Remoji BLOWHOLE M-Cup

A vibrating masturbation cup that’s generously lined on the inside for extra stimulation, yet sleek and smooth on the outside, you’ll never have to come up for air! This m-cup is perfect for men who’ve never dived into the world of sex toys, yet just as tantalising for regular toy users! It’s easy to clean, spices up your solo sessions, and could even be used during oral!

So, whether you’re paddling, surfing, swimming, or diving, there’s a PicoBong Remoji app controlled toy It is eager to show off its sexual prowess.

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