What is Frottage Core? Everything You Need to Know

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Cottage core has become a rage lately, in everything from knitting to baking to gardening. Ask Pinterest. 

frottage guide to dry humping

As lovely as all those things are, we’re not here to talk about cottage core, we’re to talk about frottage core. What are you waiting for?!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, frottage is “the practice of touching or rubbing against the clothed body of another person in a crowd as a means of obtaining sexual gratification”. Aka, dry-humping. 

Dry humping can bring back memories of grade school make-up sessions in the back seat of your parent’s car. We are not joking. 

It’s amazing to dry hump!

The Benefits of Dry Humping

Are you curious as to why one might dry their hump rather than just jump to take off your clothes?

Even though you may not need any convincing, here are the many benefits of freezing:

  • The risk of STI transmission is minimal or negligible depending on whether skin-to-skin contact was made or the exchanged of bodily fluids. Before things get too hot and heavy, talk to your partner about your STI status.
  • There is a very low chance of getting pregnant if the semen is not located near the vaginal opening. Even then, the chance of pregnancy is very low.
  • It’s a way of exploring pleasure with a new partner before taking things to the next step of taking your clothes off.
  • If you spend more time on foreplay, your arousal can be increased, which may lead to more intense orgasms.
  • This may be especially helpful for those who have difficulty orgasming with a partner.
  • This product is designed to help people suffering from reproductive health conditions like endometriosis, vaginismus and other related disorders. It allows them to enjoy their pleasure without experiencing discomfort or pain.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s fun and it feels really good!

 Frottage Fan Tips

Dry humping is great on its own or before other *ahem* activities. If you’re not convinced yet, let’s give you some ideas to get that imagination revved up. All aboard the frottage wagon!

Warm up first

Dry humping can seem like foreplay but you will most likely need something to help you get started. 

If you do not, you could be asking for friction and chaffing.

Hot and heavy making out, dirty conversation, nipple stimulation, and genital action a bit over the top are some options. 

Have fun with textures

The friction between your clothes and your genitals is part of dry humping. Different fabrics can give you different sensations.

Play with different textures and fabrics such as lace, silk and satin, cotton and denim, and mesh.

Ask your partner to do it and see what fabrics feel like against one another. Yum!

You can switch between positions

It is the classic dry humping position, where you sit up straight and cross your legs. 

There’s nothing wrong with the classics, in fact, it’s highly recommended, but we also recommended switching it up and trying out different positions.

Here’s are some other positions you can take for a spin:

Never Underestimate Making Out

Dry humping and making out go together. 

Don’t be afraid to explore your partner’s mouth with yours, get frisky with your tongue, and nibble their lips. 

You can also turn your back on them to kiss, lick and tease their collarbones, neck, ears and shoulders.

Use toys

Just because your clothes are on doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate toys!

Remotely controlled vibrators These are ideal for dry humping. They can also be worn in smaller, oval-shaped forms if your partner has one. You might want to give them the option of wearing one. A cock ring.

It doesn’t have to stop at vibrators, you can even try your hand at a Sex swing Oder Sex pillow!

You may want to try on a slack if you are one of the two. strap-on dildo.

You can think outside the box of the genital area

You aren’t limited to just dry humping your partner’s genitals or pubic mound.

You can also try their thigh, back, stomach, or even their chin – just be careful about uncomfortable fabrics or zippers near their face.

Get out the Porn

Another way to spice up dry humping whether it’s with a partner or by yourself is by turning on Porn.

While it’s not for everyone, and it’s not a supplement for intimacy, porn Dry humping is a great way of adding another dimension to your sex life.

You Can Do it Yourself

While dry humping may seem like an activity for two (or more) people, it doesn’t have to be!

In fact, our first sexual encounters as children or teenagers may have been dry humping a pillow or some other similar thing. 

Pillows and armrests on couches or countertops are great options. 

Try putting a vibrator on top of your bed to increase your dry humping. You can also wear your pants or clothes.

You Don’t Have to Orgasm

Just like with other sexual activities, you don’t have to pressure yourself to orgasm when dry humping.

Dry humping isn’t necessarily the easiest way for many people to orgasm and can be especially complicated if you’re wearing a thick material like denim. 

Your vulvar anatomy may influence your ability to have dry humping and orgasm for people with vulvas. Or, the position of your pelvis and vaginal opening. 

The point is to connect with your sexual partner, feel good, and have fun, if you orgasm great, if you don’t, also great!

Play with the punches

Last but not least – roll with the punches and enjoy yourself.

Sometimes fabrics get snagged or you’re dripping with sweat, or other hiccups come up.

Like sex, dry humping can be awkward and funny, and may actually make you feel like you’re sixteen again.

Our advice? Take it all in stride. Have fun with it. Do what makes you both feel good, even if it’s a little awkward! 

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