What is International Day Against Homophobia & Who Should Celebrate?

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Hate is a virus. That’s why, despite being home this year, it’s still important to commemorate the strides taken for equality while acknowledging the serious work that still needs to be done. 

Here’s everything you need to know about International Day Against Homophobia and how we’re putting our LELO twist on it (with some gay sex ideas!). 

International Day Against Homophobia

When is International Day Against Homophobia Transphobia And Biphobia?

May 17

Why May 17?

The date commemorates the World Health Organization’s 1990 decision to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder. 

What year was it first started?

2004. To bring to light violence and discrimination that is experienced by LGBTQ people. 

What You Can Do to Celebrate

Let’s talk about gay issues, the fun kind! Everybody can participate in a conversation on gay sex and breaking down homophobic taboos. 

Take a look at a gay sex job Tip for foreplay

This guide includes information on oral sex, blowjob, rimming techniques and gay sex. It also contains foreplay tips and tricks. Be creative and have fun with sexuality. 

Ask yourself these questions: Are anal sex toys for gay men only??

The answer is no. And the reason we bother asking the question is toxic masculinity. Because we have so many nerve endings on our anus, anyone can experience anal stimulation.

Some more steamy gay erotica.

We just ran a gay erotica contest I received lots of amazing gay erotica submissions. There’s something for everyone.

Learn more Bisexuality myths So you can discredit them for others.

We’re only human, and sometimes that means it’s difficult to understand things that aren’t part of our own stories. Listening to LGBTQ folks is the best way of learning about other sexualities, and breaking down the stigmas that go along with them.

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