What is Sensual Domination? Essential Tips and Examples for Beginners and Pros

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You can forget everything you believe about BDSM and domination in the contexts of humiliation and discipline. Sensual Domination is not the same. 

sensual domination

What it is however, is something that’s so erotically delightful that pleasure is amplified for both the dominant and the submissive. 

Sensual domination can be described as a power dynamic in the realm. BDSMYes, with a twist. It’s not about humiliation or punishment, but rather praise and reward. This power play is entirely sexual and erotic, and it involves the giving and receiving of praise and rewards.

Sensual Domination is a way to stimulate and excite all the senses. In this way, it’s a milder or softer kind of dominance. In fact, many have engaged in a bit of sensual domination without even knowing it… 

Make use of Blindfolds, for example—when one partner sensually covers their lover’s eyes and takes the reign in the bedroom. This could be called sensual domination. Sensual domination, in short, is about pleasure.

And even though it may sound a lot easier to practice than the more traditional kind, this isn’t always so.

Practicing Sensual Domination

It may take more skill for dominants to practice sensual dominance than traditional dominance. This is because it requires more patience and understanding of their submissive’s turn-ons, as well as their state of mind. 

This is why: Communication A strong sense of trust is essential before, during, as well as after a scene. To ensure that everyone feels comfortable, you may want to include a safeword in your scene. 

Aftercare is equally important. This will strengthen the mutual respect and allow both parties to feel safe.

Sensual Domination Examples

There are many ways to indulge in sensual domination or further your bliss. Whatever you do, don’t forget to pay attention to the mind as well.

Sensual domination ideas for beginners

With these ideas you could simply tease your partner using a feather or fur, ice cubes, massage oils or candles, or sex toys when they’re deserving of a reward and praise. You could also use affirmations with this or without. These include: “You’ve been such a good boy/girl. You deserve to be rewarded and treated”.  

Sensual domination ideas for experienced players

For a more intense kind of sensual domination, you could go for a role play that’s alluring for both you and your partner. The daddy/daughter/son roleplay appeals to some because it puts one person into a nurturing, caring role. 

You can also use sexual teasing to try to get sensual dominance. You might have a dominant person get so close to your submissive that you can’t tell the difference. The smell You can feel how hot they are. Then having the dom bring their sub’s head closer to their sweet spots, nestling it in such a way that both partners experience a sexual build-up. Once this is done, the dom can take off their clothing and allow their sub to continue performing sexual acts.

Or, if you’re looking to start incorporating more pain aspects into your BDSM play, the more pleasure that’s experienced, the more one’s tolerance to pain is increased. This can be done by giving your submissive a kiss. oral sex, sensually and deliciously, and then when they’re close to climax, you could add in an element of pain such as pinching or scratching. 

Whether you’re a newbie or have been practicing sensual domination for a while, this kind of practice can be adjusted and enjoyed, regardless of your level of experience. The name of the game is pleasure, so it’s safe to say that just about anyone will be well-suited when it comes to this seductively sensual bout of play.

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