What is the Difference Between Water-Resistant & 100% Waterproof Sex Toys?

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In today’s era of sexual pleasure, we have access to an array of sex toys that provide ultimate pleasure with absolute ease. From the privacy of our bedrooms to the luxury of our bathrooms, we can enjoy our favorite sex toys in whichever way we desire. With the advancement of technology, we no longer have to worry about annoying cables or battery-operated vibes. In this article, we’ll discuss the world of waterproof sex toys, their different ratings, and how to use them safely.

waterproof sex toys


Let Go of Your Inhibitions and Dive into the World of Waterproof Sex Toys

We live in a time where self-care is paramount. We indulge in relaxing baths with candles, wine, and a good book. But why not add a side of climax to this routine? With waterproof sex toys, you can indulge in ultimate pleasure in the privacy of your bathtub or even in a private pool day with your lover. The possibilities are endless, and with a splash of water, you can make it extra slippery and seductive.

How to Know if Your Sex Toy is Waterproof

To determine whether your sex toy is waterproof or not, you need to check the fine print. Some sex toys will make it easy for you to learn if they’re waterproof as it’s often one of their major selling points. A waterproof sex toy will be well-sealed, especially around the battery compartment, and the charging point will be concealed to prevent water from entering it.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant: Explained by IPX Levels

When it comes to waterproof sex toys, there’s a difference between being 100% waterproof and being water-resistant. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is a way to measure how well a device is protected from both solid objects and liquids. The “I” refers to solids, while the “P” refers to liquids. If a sex toy has an IP rating, it means that it has been specially tested by a certified and independent company.

IP0X: This term means that the product isn’t protected against physical objects.

IP6X: This term refers to the product being dustproof.

IPX0: This term means that there is no protection from water.

IPX8: This term means that the product can be submerged for more than 1 meter. The manufacturer will need to specify the depth.

It’s important to note that just because a sex toy has an IPX7 rating, it doesn’t mean that it can be kept underwater for an extended period. Even if you adhere to the advice regarding the IPX7 rating, there is still a chance you could damage your sex toy. A 100% waterproof sex toy means that water cannot get in, and it can be completely submerged in water.

LELO is a well-known company that offers a wide range of waterproof sex toys. If your chosen pleasure product is 100% waterproof, it’ll be clearly stated on the package. If you have a splash-proof LELO product, it should not be fully submerged, and water should not get inside the DC socket or around the interface.


Waterproof sex toys provide an excellent opportunity to explore pleasure in the privacy of your own bathroom or pool. But it’s important to know the different ratings and how to use them safely. By checking the fine print, understanding the terminology, and taking the necessary precautions, you can dive into the world of waterproof sex toys with confidence and experience ultimate pleasure. So, let’s make a splash and indulge in insatiable orgasms with waterproof sex toys!

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