What Lubricant is Best for Anal & Why Should You Always Use Anal Lube?

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Do you enjoy a little anal pleasure? Fabulous! It’s amazing! 

lube is important for anal play

If anal isn’t for you though, that’s fine! Whatever suits your needs! But if you are either active or intrigued when it comes to this kind of fun, there are a few things that you may or may not know…

So, today we’re talking about lube! Wet anal lube that is soft and silky. The stuff that makes sexual activity more enjoyable. This is not just for women as some might think. Lube is a sensual sexual wellness product that’s just as important for men too. 

For women, lubrication can be either natural or synthetic. Because sex without lubrication can be painful and uncomfortable. Also, the anus produces very little natural lubrication when it comes to anal pleasure for both men and women. 

What does this mean? There’s no question about… lube is absolutely essential for good health and wellbeing. Without lube, anal sex can be excruciating, and life’s just too short to deal with that kind of pain and discomfort.

What anal lube should you be using?

The lube you decide to use depends on your preference, but it’s generally thicker kinds of lube that are better for anal sex. 

Because the tissue surrounding the rectum and the tissue within it are more sensitive than the vaginal tissue. Using a thick lubricant will reduce friction and abrasion. 

However, some lubes might not be safe to use with. LatexOil-based lubricants may be used. Oil-based lubricants tend to cause the weakening of latex. This is something that no latex user would like to experience. Vaseline, baby oil and other petroleum-based oils can also cause damage to latex.

Also, use thicker lubricants in conjunction slow and mindful. Anal play. To receive and enjoy the experience, the anal sphincter must be relaxed. 

We recommend engaging in different types of oral sex And Foreplay To increase arousal and gently massage the area before you apply any type of penetration, 

Then, there’s the million-dollar issue: What lube should I use for anal playing? We suggestwater-based lube, as it’s silky and slick. Water-based lube can be used with latex and is also safe for the body, making it the true winner. 

It’s often more comfortable to place the lube in your hand and glide it between your fingers to warm it up before you place it on your lover. 

Then, when it’s time for your anal adventure, remember to take it slow and allow the receiver to verbalise how they’re feeling in order to maximize pleasure and comfort. Respect and consent are essential! 

It is also advisable to use a condom for any new partners, or anyone engaging in sexual activity with partners who have not been tested. This will decrease the chances of spreading STIs. HIV. If you are considering switching from oral sex and anal play like rimming to sexual activity, you might consider using a dental bridge as a barrier between your mouth and your anus.

Be careful with the condom in this situation, as it can slip off if there is lubrication. To prevent this, it is a good idea for condom holders to keep the condom on the base of the penis after intercourse is finished.

Condom Tip If you’re not a fan of Condoms You can apply a little lube to your penis head before you place the condom on. This will increase your sensitivity and enjoyment.

And now you’re ready to give anal play a go, or perhaps make your session even more sexy, pleasurable, and safe! Have fun!

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